The best games don’t necessarily have to be expensive, some of them can even be played for free and they can offer plenty of hours of enjoyment. The list we’re about to unveil is not based…


  1. I know many would disagree due to personal preference. But most will agree or at least played but I feel this list should be longer or at least give honour to seriously amazing missing titles that being the likes of- Planetside 2, SWTOR, Fortnite, Dc Universe, Kritika is pretty damn gangster and hwere on earth is Neverwinter and Skyforge though :O I admire Warframe made the lsit that games hardcore. There's even some faily decent apps that actually have pretty impressive graphics and gameplay- Modern Combat 5 is good fun especially if you don't wannt to spend a fortune on Crap of Duty games. Revelation Onlines also pretty swag and absolutely no sign of Pokemon TCG Online which I know is only a browser based version but still what a way to bring life back to the older Pokemon games nevermind being online and free and easy to play and meet hundreds of Poke fans.

  2. It's a first person co-op – Shows third person game
    Known simply as Hearthstone – 'Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft' displayed below

    nigga at least pretend to have played the games before reviewing them

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