Being one of the most popular gaming genres, Shooters place the player in the center of the action making him feel like a real hero. In this list we will include only First Person Shooters…


  1. Unreal tournament. Half life 1 multiplayer. While i have played just about every old fps. I have never had a fps make me feel the way RUST does. Good list btw i approve of all of them to be there

  2. 4:05 "Realism is a key feature in the game" – You know when those crap meme videos repeat someones words in slow-mo while zooming in to a glaring contradiction? I saw that without seeing it.
    Also if it isn't for how the game wasn't that realistic even at its time, it's that the sentence doesn't make sense or tell us anything. You can't call a concept a feature unless they're trying to extrapolate something from numbers like RPGs do. Happiness wouldn't be a feature of a game unless it was specifically represented as a game mechanic because it's something that is intangible and subjective, but I don't know how you could measure realism similarly within the remit of a game.

  3. 20 reasons why CSGO is the definition of a bad shooter

    1. Unbalanced weapons, commonly unfixed, abused by the players
    2. Rabid community made up of (mostly) Children or angry Teenagers
    3. Horrible devs
    4. Outdated anti cheat system, there are alot of hackers
    5. Gambling system in the game (skins)
    6. Tries to be competitive, but fails because of the op weapon abuse
    8. Lacks alot of mod support that the previous game (CSS) had
    9. Absolutely awful bots
    10. Fails to have anything other than the same sneak-search gameplay that doesn't appeal to alot of players
    11. Stale maps
    12. Stiff feeling to the game
    13. painfully toxic campers
    14. unneeded praise
    15. I did not want to say it, because its a low blow, but its graphics are very dated
    16. apperently is an esport now, making that forced competitive feel more heavy
    17. Horrible voice acting
    18. very buggy, lots of exploits
    19. takes away from other games (most old tf2 devs now work on csgo)
    20. is super forced down, popular, its everywhere.

    CSS was the best of Counter-Strike to ever see the light of day.

  4. why csgo and cod at the top, I like csgo but doom and half life are way better, they actually have plots and are difficult. and cod being better than half life? fuck off mate, cod is nothing but a bunch if sweaty 12 year olds complaining about their stats as if they could actually understand them, besides the annoying fanbase, it offers nothing in terms of gameplay, shoot this and shoot that. yes half life is very combat focused but it also offers platforming and puzzle solving and has an incredible plot with an awesome cast of characters. and doom is just fucking badass. smh people have no taste

  5. You see, as every top 10nner, you didn't include some games in this video, for example, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R Games. while not being the best at graphics, first launched in 2009, S.T.A.L.K.E.R is known for it's unique storyline and missions, places to visit and various critters and people, and best of all is that there are very cool mods for the games. too bad few people still play it, me being one of them. i hope this was your opinion on the best fps games because if not, then i don't agree with your video.

  6. So sad most of the people don't even know what Terminator Future Shock and Skynet are. Those deserve to be on top5, same as SoF2, still best MP and CTF ever.

  7. Now WTF is SOF? That game rocked with all the "Head" shots. I'm not talking the head on the shoulders either. You can actually shoot an enemy in their jack Johnson.

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