In this video we take a look at 10 of the most awesome ninja or samurai inspired video games of all time. Keep in mind, we only pick one game per franchise or …


  1. Gaiden and blade the best in hack n slash
    Tenchu the best in simulator
    I-ninja the best in platform
    Slader the best in arcade
    Showdown/Bushido the best in versus
    Ninja Gun the best in fps
    Onimusha ( especially 3 and dawn of dreams ) best in action/adventure
    WOTS the best in action-rpg/open word
    Mark of the Ninja the best of indi/flash

  2. My favorite games which based on japanese history is:
    1. Kessen 3.
    2. Nobunaga's Ambitions Rise to Power.
    3. Genji: Dawn of the Samurai.
    4. Samurai Warriors 2.

    All them is brilliant! Anyone else play this games?

  3. I love this video and love that you added so many of my favorite franchises but I think an honorable mention should be given to a game that even I passed by. It’s called Ninja Blade and it came out around the same time that Ninja Gaiden II came out! I’ll admit I overlooked it for a long time and I honestly regret missing out on it!

  4. And I thought Ninja Gaiden series were hard….. Lmao fucking Ni-oh is a bitch, the only game in this world that I delete and re-download just to delete again cause that game is so fucking challenging and tho I like challenging games this one takes the crown I'm just not worthy of playing this fucking hard ass game…… Lmao it sucks too cause the game is beautiful……. Well I guess I'll just have to wait to they put easy mode in the game……. Lol

  5. The original Samurai blades were completely inferior and were made of what is called and was called PIG IRON that's why they had to be folded and forged the way they were.. The Katana is the most overrated piece of shit blade on the planet in it's original period/year specific time of production… It's junk unless it's made from modern crucible steel..  Only one blade was made like that in Europe and it out performs the Katana in every test for actual year of production quality.. The Ulfberht..   CASE CLOSED

  6. Tenchu and way of the samurai was my childhood so is shinobi 3 and dynasty warriors and samurai warriors. Most especially the warriors series, i was so addicted from it before.

  7. I still have & play a whole lot on my PS3, I luv a good hack n slash game & Luv samurai warriors, so I think I wanna find & give Genji 2 Days of the Blade, Dynasty Warriors / Samurai Warriors, Ninja Gaiden Black & Ninja Gaiden Sigma & Sigma 2 all a good try…. I also def wanna get Ni-oh now 4 my PS4, Iv been considering it 4 awhile & now am fairly sure I should get & play it….

  8. Well, Dynasty warriors is based on the Romance of the three kingdoms, a chinese historical period. The only reference to Japan is Zhou Tai's sword, wich based on the period couldn't be a katana. Also, Onimusha was a good samurai game too, i can relate Nioh to it.

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