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  1. Is standby mode really that much of a hassle? And are there really that many people who dont kmow how to change standby time limit? I would think anyone with a cell phone would know how to easily find such settings. Vita setting are not that hard to navigate.

  2. Oh dear, I watched until remote play and he said "Since all the controls on the Vita are the same as the Dual Shock controller, you will not have any trouble or limitations while playing your games". To that I say "Hey numbskulls, where's L2 and R2 on the Vita?" Yes they are mapped to the rear touch-pad, but that's terrible and very finicky. I stopped watching at that point.

  3. They need to make a new ps vita that works with ps5 when it comes out
    I imagine it would have a psp design except it has 2 analog sticks and R1 R2, L1 L2 shoulder buttons
    It would have all the vita features minus the pointless touch pad at the back (they'd at least re-purpose it so its more useful)
    also they'd have to eliminate the over priced memory sticks

  4. Yeaa. And how will you top up your account and buy games when not all credit cards are going to be accepted ad you cannot buy top up cards for different region from your country…. I tried to do that from europe to usa region.

  5. At 2:39 where the MC is attacking the 3 monsters and the building they are in is green, What game is that?? Anyone know? I like action and action-RPG games so it looks like one I would wanna play but I dont know what game that is. So anyone know its name please??

  6. The first one is great an all IF you know Japanese. But how are you gonna know what you're selecting if you don't know English? Cuz the whole trial and error option of clicking it and seeing what happens is ok with certain things but others not so much. Like saving a game that also has the option of deleting it right next to the save option. Cuz I don't think anyone would be happy if they tried to save a game and since you don't know Japanese you end up hitting the delete one instead.

  7. I have original star wars battlefront and gran turismo on mine along with HD metal collection which I have never even played…

    That alone makes me keep it… oh and marvel vs capcom 3… woo hoo! I love my switch but these games are worth having the vita alone 🙂

  8. Yes a PS Vita channel 😍😍 I love your channel. New sub bro and also this is such a great handheld pushed away for no real reason. I like how PlayStation has better graphic games and way more features then any Nintendo handheld. But the Nintendo handheld ends up getting more sells like boi.

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