Woah! Hello there! I’m updating my Free Shooters list, now at 17 awesome games! I hope you enjoy! There’s still hope for my channel, just you wait! 🙂 Games …


  1. I stopped watching after Dirty Bomb. You lost all credibility after that. Dirty Bomb is just another shitty CoD Clone with a pay to win model. It is nothing like Quake. How about you actually play Quake before you make such a stupid statement?

  2. how to have fun in life follow these steps:

    step 1 get csgo
    step 2 spend atlest $500 on it
    step 3 get hacked
    step 4 sell ur account on ebay

    step 5 fucking kill me please!!!

  3. why edit the video this year to put 2017 when the vid was made in early 2016. its not updated. its old. stop trying to trick people. bet in 2018 hes gonna come back to this vid and edit the title to 2018 lol sad…

  4. any south east asians or oceanic players here? because if there are, you guys all know my pain. half of the time, devs don't bother to make servers in SEA or in australia, and when they do, half of the time nobody plays it.

  5. Warface… you forget to say it has A LOT of microtransactions, and it's shit. I tried it because you know… Crytek… Far Cry…. I tried it, and you actually need to buy a normal gun after some time, without skin and attachments. It sucks. Heroes and Generals, you can aim but it's FOV 0.

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