When Phil Spencer stood up on the Oculus press conference stage last year it formulated the beginning of a partnership between Xbox One and Oculus VR that …


  1. how can they run vr if they can't even run most games at 60 fps? I'm not saying they won't i just don't get it. if Sony had to update their hardware (which has been out preforming Microsoft Xbox one in terms of fps ) for vr then how is Microsoft plan on doing it?

  2. they also do not need the extra power, crackdown has proven the cloud power works. also i agree they arent certain its a must have yet re vr, although all htc vr presales went in minutes. but remember the decision to have hd dvd drive, they dont want to make a bad decision. kinect for vr use is a very good decision though….the tech is already there

  3. makes no sense at all to remove the disc drive, many people still have no broadband or they have capped monthly limits, they have to buy games on disc, removing the drive is suicide

  4. Why would Microsoft make a more powerful Xbox One when they advertise heavily in 2013, 2014 of the power of the Cloud.
    I think Microsoft is slowly giving up on the Xbox One. They have to do what Sony did with the PlayStation 4 with the next Xbox.

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