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  1. Right lads I'm new to modding and I have my mind set on a few such as:

    I need
    Live another life
    Imperious races
    and various graphics mods

    How can I tell if these are compatible and will they all work together ?

  2. Now all we need is a mod that makes the quests not feel like we are dumb, imbecile mercenaries with a club draggin around everywhere he goes and starts bashing people because someone else said so, despite being "the dragonborn"…

  3. Great video! For unknown reasons, the standing stones and imperius mods wont let me launch skyrim. I dont have incompatible mods as far as i know. Anyone who can help me out? #edit : this time i didnt choose manual download but nmm download and it works

  4. I noticed that I could see the NPC's breath in the video, is there a mod to make that happen? Also what mod is there that allows me to have elves dress in that sick ass armor, what mod do I need to make that happen

  5. I tried downloading Imperious and Apocalypse, and I got an error message saying that Nexus isn't set up to work with Skyrim Special Edition. Do I absolutely NEED special edition to run these mods? Ordinator worked fine…

  6. As sad as it is, the classes in ESO are more varied than skyrim. It's much more enjoyable to play a sorcerer in ESO, summoning multiple daedra to help you out in a fight and actually using staves as much as swords, than it is to play any type of magic user in skyrim.

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