Sport has gotten less brutally violent over the course of history, with the gladiatorial combat of Ancient Rome giving way to gentler pursuits. But if the futures …


  1. Reminds me of the Sports depicted in Schlock Mercenary. Scrimmage Tennis, where no actual gameplay is described, but there's an image of a guy bleeding out on the floor with a racket through his head. Compulsory Couples Ballroom, where apparently you can be killed by Foxtrot. Armorball, basically American football where you can throw bombs disguised as balls. The Scottish League tried to vote rugby in, but was denied because rugby is too dangerous.

  2. what about inazuma 11 it's regular football however with borderline superpowers. for instance to save the ball one of the moves is to summon a daemon to catch it for you. oh yeah and that's in the first game. later on you can summon giant spirits and launch the ball with a fires word. boom.

  3. Theirs a movie called death race 2050 where you drive throughout the united corporation of America (United States) and you get points for killing people, most points for killing kids, babies, and the elderly

  4. I'm sure those motorcycle combat race leagues would have specialized motorcycles. They would have to, if you use your right hand to attack that's the hand you use to use the throttle your bike would immediately slow down, they would have to have special bikes that have throttles controlled with your knees on the side of the bike or something. If you wanted to join a league you would have to learn to ride a motorcycle again with the new controls! I would love to see one of those shows that make custom bikes design a motorcycle for combat races, like not only the custom throttle, like have the bike stab lies itself if it detects it's just been hit and straightens out because if you get hit on a motorcycle the front wheel would start to wobble uncontrollably. Stuff like that.

  5. What about the original Xbox exclusive deathrow? A game based off of a full contact sport called blitz that's a mix of basketball, football, and gladiatorial brutality all this along with a "frisbee" as the puck/ball. Great game Ubisoft.

  6. There's Deathdrome, the government's solution to the overcrowding of prisons by throwing all of them in weaponized motorcycles in an arena. Their goal is to kill everyone else to survive, and you must kill a certain amount to escape to the next round.
    If you're anything like me, even after clearing the minimum requirement, you stuck around anyway to obliterate everyone because your kill bonus was worth waaaaay more to your score than the time bonus. I would always stock up on 3 of the nukes, wait until the "scrub", which is a wall of death that slowly closes in on you and causes an instant game over if you touched it, then, when everyone has gathered in the middle, nuke them. Wait for respawns, nuke again. Respawn one more time, nuke. Leave with 20+ kills.

    … It's probably a good thing they dumped me on Mars when I won because holy shit should I not be around people.

  7. F-Zero is pretty brutal. It's not against the rules to ram a hover car with your hover car while you're both traveling around Mach 1. The result is usually an explosion. They even have an event titled "the death race" where contestants try to kill all the other contestants by ramming into each other.

  8. I'm offended by your simplistic description of American football. You missed 3 very important aspects. Yes it's 3 hours of adverts for fast food but it's also for boobs, beer, and meat in general. Now sod off and go drink some tea you red coat pansies!

  9. That future motorcycle game looks fun. It's like a super-extreme version of Manx TT Superbike from Sega.

    Unreal justifies itself by having a technology that respawns people so no one stays dead.

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