9 EPIC Upcoming ZOMBIE GAMES of 2017 & 2018 (PS4, XBOX ONE , PC) DAYMARE 1998 Release date : TBA 2017 on PC …


  1. That daymare 1998 game looks like shit! Like a poor 1998 resident evil game 🙁 and Hellraid looks like a REALLY Shitty Skyrim wanna be 🙁 damn. But at least we got State of Decay 2 coming which will put all these games to rest <3

  2. rez evi7
    since when do the zombies sound like downtown newyorker italians like wat was that shit
    "ay paizano im just gonna kill ya muthafucker and dont even think bout dem broads on fourth and twenty first"..
    cmon capcom
    w t f

  3. I can't believe you put metal gear survive on this list are you mentally unstable like wtf you must of been deprived of oxygen at birth or dropped on your head as an baby that game will most likely never see the light of day if it does Death stranding will rape it like retard that planted his seed in your mother #FUCK KONAMI

  4. i want a truly scary zombie game dedicated to simulating the apocalypse while telling a story and showing the progression through the apocalypse. the last of us was the closest thing to what i want in a zombie game, but more dying light mixed with last of us. except we need real hoards, and zombies that die properly presenting a differentiated threat level throughout the time scale. in a massive world the size of dayz. graphically superior to the last of us.

  5. any1 know of new coming soon (2017/2018) survival horror game where you are in a subway station & seem to be panicked & am trying to use ya mobile fone but have no reception, I 4got wot tha game is called…any ideas ppl..?

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