This is a great shooting game to improve quick shooting mentality.


  1. Just did this session with my under 9 team on a smaller pitch and 5 a side goals. It was one of the best sessions we have had, with some unexpected outcomes. Support play improved as everyone knew that if they couldn't shoot first time they had to pass leading to some really good moves. Excellent session!

  2. If this is arsenal and new castle youth then i guess its not gonna be that hard for me to become a footballer because i play for palace now and we are way better than them.

  3. Guys….you miss the whole point. This is just ONE element from Arsenals session on this.The first element is about decision on 1 or 2 touchThe 'Arsenal' SSG has just ONE 'challenge'IF the receiver wants to play in ANY direction then its first time…IF the receiver takes a touch then the 2ND touch MUST be in the direction of the opponents goal.This shooting drill is a prelude to that SSG thats all.

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