We take a look at a must have accessory for the Playstation 4. A Cooling fan cooler by Amir for the PS4. It has a vertical stand and usb controller charging ports.


  1. if it sucks the hot air off the ps4 where does that hot air go to? if it blows fresh air into the ps4 where does it get that air from? looks like it needs some fins for air displacement

  2. I have this and I have had it for a bout a year and now all of the sudden my PS4 is overheating, and yes I took it apart and dusted it all out and all the fans are working. What could be causing my overheating?

  3. can anyone help my ps4 turns off by itself and I tried everything but don't have a warranty and I don't hear the fan but I had that cooling fan and I was thinking if that fan will start up the ps4 plz someone relpy and I just got a new tv so I can't ask my parents for another ps4

  4. It looks nice, but it doesn't work, the fan just blows into the floor underneath it and the heat stays in there. Cool to have as a stand and charging, but if you're looking at this for cooling get a different device that attaches at the back

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