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  1. Man, the term 'RPG' has been oversaturated. So many genres have tried to incorporate RPG elements that people have forgotten what an RPG really is. If Bloodborne isn't an RPG, then neither is Dark Souls. How stupid does that sound?

  2. wow, all these people trying to prove with wikipedia links and stuff that Bloodborne is an RPG… I mean just by seeing it one can assume something is wrong here.

    It's not that Bloodborne is not a good game or anything, but choosing Bloodborne over The Witcher 3 in a comparison regarding the best role-playing game, it just doesn't feel right..

    If we ask the question 'which game is better in terms of role-playing ' to players who have played both Bloodborne and The Witcher 3 and loved Bloodborne BETTER, most of them would probably still say that The Witcher 3 is superior in terms of role-playing elements.

    I'm definitely OK with Bloodborne being the game of the year, but putting it in the same category with The Witcher 3, the game which is said to redefine RPG genre, and delivering the award to Bloodborne is not giving Bloodborne its well-deserved credit, but it's just doing an injustice to the indisputably magnificent role-playing elements in The Witcher 3.

    wish all you guys a great gaming year btw, peace.

  3. no, do not agree. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Witcher 3 eats bloodborne alive in the aspect that an rpg really excels at, story. Bloodborne has an excellent lore, and I do believe it can win the GOTY easily because of its many elements it excels at, but storywise TW3 surpasses it. Unfortunately, we are a time when every game in which you have levels and abilities, you call it rpg and people pass it off like that, and unfortunately its reducing the quality of the rpg genres. Gone are the great, original stories that used to fill the genre such as the old final fantasies, chrono trigger, legend of dragoon, etc etc. Please, leave bloodborne in the genre it should be in, action adventure. Thats it, it insults me that a game that has such a mediocre story wins over TW3. Great lore doesnt equal a good storytelling, or a good role play experience.

  4. Guys let me make this clear bloodborne is a fucking role playing game, even more so then the witcher. "how is it a role playing game? its a linear story with barely any sidemissions and stuff to do" a role playing game ladies and gentlemen believe it or not is a game where you play as a character and adventure out in a world. if Call of Duty is considered a rpg then bloodborne is too."how is it more of an rpg then witcher" this is actually a question i respect since both games are extremely different and amazing when it comes to role playing. Witcher you play as a character which was already given to you (cause of the books and it follows the story of the other witcher games.. Kinda) bloodborne doesn't do that and makes you create a character all by yourself. Witcher gives you a map, (but an open world to explore which was great, personally loved it tbh) but bloodborne doesnt even give you a map. The game wants you to make choices of your own and adventure the unknown (fire mixtape). there are plenty of secret places and every new place you go to you have the sense of fear and your adrenaline rushes for every place you go to. The fact is you create your own character, level that character up with alot of different level up choices, pick different outfits for different survival reasons like fire resistance or just go for looks, weapons that suit your personality the best and you personally enjoy (if your a faced paced guy with the need for skill build go for blades of mercy, or your a balanced guy who only wants to stick with one weapon throughout the game and build that up, use the saw cleaver) Witcher does have multiple themes to it, Bloodborne has one. But for what it has, it does like no other game could.

  5. Bloodborne as best role-playing game?? I really like your reviews guys and most of the time I totally agree with every word you say, but this one is just not right. I would put it in one category with Batman or MGS, yes, but Pillars, Witcher, Fallout? Come on.

  6. Not here to argue with the results guys but have you thought about changing categories? dividing them by genre seems the more pointless as time goes and genres merge. Maybe go for best artstyle, best soundtrack should stay, better story telling and so on.

  7. Spoiler alert, the winner of every category is either Bloodborne or Witcher 3. Also, Undertale is only a nominee in PC exclusives. Are you kidding me? In my opinion, it could have won, best soundtrack, RPG, and PC exclusive. It is fine to disagree, I understand, but Bloodborne is much more of an action game with RPG elements than the other way around. I would have understood Fallout 4 as this choice, but Bloodborne barely fits the criteria to even be nominated, so I am dissappointed.

  8. yessss bloodborn rocks!!!! only on the ps4 :).. but i aint going to lie that nintendo game xenoblade chronicles looks pretty badass wouldnt mind playing that game

  9. Glad GT choose Bloodborne, it's the right but difficult choice for Game Media, not like witcher 3,it's difficulty for most people to understand the beauty behind Bloodborne, but definitely more deep, satisfied RPG experience. So good choice GT!

  10. I have always struggled between the limited space and scope of souls games, and the expansive and massively enormous world and NPCs/quests of games like fallout, witcher & skyrim. Ultimately, I feel a successful world is one that totally engages you and pulls you in and lets you totally immersed for hours. Having too huge a world might not necessarily do the trick, or it'll end up being a sandbox, and the gamer loses interest for some parts of the game. This to me breaks the immersion.

    As long as there is a compelling story to tell, and I am able to progress my character the way I want to play, and I am able to play the game however I choose to, it is a legit RPG.

  11. Didn't expect bloodborne to win, i DID, however, expect much, MUCH hate from the people who are pissed that witcher 3 or fallout didn;t win xD

    Gratz GT, you got my faith back.
    Bloodborne should be game of the year, and best rpg, people who disagree are just salty because they didn't "get gud"

  12. How is Bloodborne a better rpg than Witcher 3? It's not even as good an rpg as Fallout 4. I can understand the argument that it's a better game overall than Witcher (though I don't agree with it). but picking Bloodborne for best rpg and then complimenting its intense combat shows me you guys don't get it. It's like picking a game with the best soundtrack because it's combat system is great. If the combat system is great then give it an award for best combat.

  13. GT, all I have to say if I applaud you for not picking Xenoblade Chronicles X. Despite the awesome combat, the soundtrack, story, awful character models, and acting have ruined it for me. I wanted XCX to be good so bad, but it ended up being my disappointment for 2015.

  14. The argument I keep seeing in the comments is that bloodborne is not an RPG. Then I see people saying that it is because you're playing a role in the game, hence role-playing game. By that logic, every game is an RPG. Goat simulator 2015 is a RPG because you're playing the role of a goat, God of war is a RPG, Call of duty is a RPG because you're playing the role of a soldier. Mario is a RPG because you're playing the role of an Italian plumber. I'm sure my point is pretty clear. Just because you're playing a role in the world of the game, that does not make it a RPG.

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