Bloodborne co-op gameplay video from PlayStation Experience.


  1. The Boss looks like the Hellhound, who is the manifestation of all the hatred, rage, desire for revenge against Griffith and the evil that dwells within Guts' soul in the manga BERSERK! im not surprised; because Hidetaka Miyazaki said that he is a big fan of Miyura's work BERSERK. And you will find a lot of references in the souls series.

  2. After you use the Bell of Dream Summoning or Small bell of Resonating, do they disappear and you have to "buy" or find another one or do you keep them forever in the game.  Sort of how the human effigy goes away in DS2.  Did I hear correct that you can get a code to give to a friend so you can play with specific people and not random players?

  3. This is amazing looking, but I don't have money to buy a PS4 just for this. Also, and this is a personal opinion, I despise procedurally generated levels, "keeping it interesting" to me is just the oldest trick in the book when someone doesn't know how to design a level – make a maze.

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  5. I really like that hammer weapon. It makes me to of the sword in the stone and Arthur couldn't pull it out so he just took the sword and the stone. Still badass though

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