Bloodborne Is The Best RPG Game & It Destroys Anything On Xbox One (MY OPINION) LIKE/SHARE/SUBSCRIBE.


  1. You can keep that shitty playing game, Where the camera tilts all over the place, it reminds me of alone in the dark on the 3DO, very frustrating

  2. they better make a bloodborne 2 the game sold really well 2 million copies in 4 months that might be not be a lot according to the Call of Duty numbers but from software is very thankful that it sold well

  3. It's a great game but I'm more into Dragon Age Inquisition but that's just personal. Got to agree there's not one exclusive on the Bore Box1 that comes close to this though

  4. Xtwats hate this game because there is no ducking behind cover and shooting mindless A.I. And Nintendrones hate on this game because they can't jump on something to kill it and they both hate it because it's hard af for them ……as for the MassTurd race, they hate it because they can't play it on their PC!!! Lol!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

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