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  1. Why wouldn't you play it on PC so you could get texture pack mods and make the game look significantly better. An if you really want to go crazy even brand new styles and move sets. This was one of my favorite games in my younger days if you haven't got to check out the PC version definitely check that one out. The mod support is amazing.

  2. Why are people such Cry Babies ?? Mine's better than yours ?? most of you on here I would imagine are grown ups if you have a VCR (VHS) Player don't knock it it's still good if you still use Component so what, if you still have a Tube TV or a CRT Monitor who cares I have an Original Playstation, PS2, PS3, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Wii/WiiU, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Game Gear, Sega Dreamcast, Xbox 360, Xbox One and a Standard Laptop I don't go around saying man this shit is old and out of date and mine is better than yours it's pathetic it's like your all stuck in School in the Playground and have nothing better to do as Crap Gamer is saying in all of his Videos either watch it or don't there's no reason to argue about it who cares who's out selling who and who has the better specs I buy something because it looks good, sounds good, and just basically works and the Xbox One did that for me if the PS4 or any other console does that for you then good for you, you bought what you wanted!

  3. Wait so resolution is a boast of higher pixels? So what about this playing this game on PC eh. Not really attracted to turn based combat eh must be that ADD, ADHD kicking in.

  4. PSA on this game. I know this is an Xbox channel, but ea is giving this game away for free currently on origin. given its age you can run it on almost any pc you own, even if you don't have a gaming pc. just a heads up to all that are interested in playing this awesome game but don't have an original xbox.

  5. I still own my copy but I have yet to finish the game! Hopefully it becomes backwards-compatible on Xbox One someday & I'll finally sit down & beat it. Come on, microsoft! Make it happen!

  6. once more not much of a review, no details on the gameplay,story and etc, just praising isn't a way to review

    go learn to do a review from angryjoe

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