Making a truly great multiplayer game is tricky and mysterious. So to shed some light on the process, here’s a design-focused (until it’s not) interview about Duck Game! More reading: Landon…


  1. that guy is our lost overlord! he is purely ultra mastermind , level 101. Duck Game have changed my life! played this awesome gem on my ouya alone in our lunch room at work one day.. at the end of the week, me and all of my co-workers were fighting over the four controllers! that was over 2 years ago, and guess what? we do exactly the same thing today on our lunch brakes all these years later! 😀

  2. Great video! Not sure how many other people worked on the game but the way he talks almost seems like he isn't even aware of so many genius aspects of his own game. Maybe he's just not super well spoken though.

  3. Todd Harris' definition of Dynamism: Release something overpowered, make everybody buy it to be able to succeed, nerf it after a few weeks. Rinse and repeat until you bleed your game's community dry. The guy is a hack.

    Signed, a salty Tribes: Ascend player.

  4. Speaking of local multiplayer and the woeful lack of options, what else have you guys found for PC that's accessible and fun at parties? it seems like 90% of local multiplayer games are competitive, and when that happens among friends, one friend almost always gets good at the game faster. It ruined it injustice, soul caliber, nidhogg, mario kart, (melee survived my one friend being way better than us), Brawhalla. I really like risk of rain with friends but many of them dislike the difficulty. Crypt of the Necrodancer is way too hard to pick up to hand it to a drunk friend at a party.

    Broforce and Mount your Friends have been the best local multiplayer experiences for me (though I'm getting too good at mount your friends). Anything anyone played compare to these?

  5. Perfect exmple of a "Dymanism" esque balance in a Racing Game is in the PSX WipEout games.

    The physics are floaty and bouncy. So bouncy, in fact, that things get quirky when landing after jumps. Your ship smack, smack, smacks the ground, losing speed, and objectively hurling you into walls. Walls stop you flat if you touch them.

    However, this "imperfection" of sorts forces you, the player, to assume a much more skilled hand of control, and even though it's not "perfect", it gives YOU, the PLAYER, challenge and control. You start to intuitively plan your corners ahead of time knowing that every move you make has a slide or bouncing counterbalance. Suddenly, you're controlling your hovercraft's pitch while in the air, even though the game never asked you to. I would say that that's dymanism. The games have less actual content than their sequels. But the stages themselves, and the physics behind them, leave a lot for you to f*ck with. And that's why the games were well embraced on the PSX versus now.

  6. As you posed very diverse, non-binary questions I would love to see more of such interviews! Let it be with small-time indie devs as well as big-time cooperate studios where accessible! Great work nonetheless.

  7. PC should be the goto platform for local multiplayer. It has the Graphics capability – limited only by your commitment to hardware and it can now easily stream to your TV Via cheap device or old computer. The modern consoles are abandoning Local Multi-Player (because of hardware limitations?)

     P.C. currently has few titles but is the best suited to run away with it.

  8. Pricetag seems a bit excessive for a game you can't really enjoy alone.
    Also if this is the kind of game you enjoy with friends, you should check out Brawlhalla too.

  9. My best friend told me about Duck Game 2 months ago already, but only yesterday did I get to play it at a friends house for the first time. What I found intriguing is that the game seems so much more appealing when you play it than when you just watch a random gameplay trailer while in the "should I buy this"-phase. After getting to know this game I had a lot of fun just watching the footage in the background of the interview. What I'm getting at is that you have to have played the game to understand why it is that much fun. "Getting close to Smash Brothers levels of entertainment" is (surprisingly) not an exaggeration.

  10. It's really interesting how you begin with the moba strategy of making "dynamic" or constantly unbalanced gameplay vs the Duck Game strategy which is having fun rather than competition. It seems like Moba players take themselves to seriously which oftentimes ruins the experience for me. I am baffled as to why mobas are so popular in general. I wish I understood the appeal.

  11. yea, yea, Worms ripoff, that's great. Rocket League is perfectly balanced, and NOT at all boring. The players do the balancing by having specific skill sets (or lacking them). You can have immense fun, but also intense matches. It's ALL about the plays. FRICK, I love that game!!! If you haven't played it, go out and try it right now. Instant love-hate relationship the first time you play.

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