Here is my complete guide on how to setup the EPSXE EMULATOR. In this install I use version ePSXe 2.0.2 -1 but this will work for any install. However, as …


  1. Please tell me how you got gran turismo the European version to work I can play all USA games no bother but not European what am I doing wrong? For example I downloaded actua soccer which only come in European from the web browser but won't work also what does ecm mean at end of file? …do I need a disk or something ? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP

  2. One issue not addressed in this video that some people may be experiencing is a black screen followed by a crash, if this is happening go to options overclock and select x1.

  3. jezus you really like to hear yourself talk crap dont ya? fkin hell man, im 5minutes into this crap and still got zero clue about settings.
    if youre going to make a howto, please keep it simple wihtout all that shit you talk
    edit: after watching some more, i found that my own settings are allot better than what youre telling me….my graphics look allot smoother than yours, no idea why you config everything with such low settings…unless you got a 20+yr old card/rig

  4. Using the basic confing settings you show in the beging of the video i run into a handful of errors when trying to run the isos
    1. gpuPeteOpenGL2 – Missing render Texture Extention
    2. PeteOpenGL2 – no pixal format available
    3. PLUGINSShadersgpuPeteOpenGL2- shader effects: missing custom file

    I know how to fix the third error but how does one go about fixing the other two?

  5. Random question, I remember playing this back in the day so I got it again to replay Final Fantasy. Wondering how to configure the "Turbo" or "Fast Forward" mode. Not sure if it was Epsxe or another emu but I think it was this. Hit a button and get to grinding, makes everything like 10x faster so you can spam battles and level up faster. No idea how to get into that, tried the unlocking frame rate thing and it didn't do it.

  6. I understand your intent was to make a long, comprehensive tutorial but you spend way too much time talking about little insignificant things that most viewers probably don't care about. For example, your little history recap of PS1 bringing 3D games to the mainstream. Just cut that footage out man. This could have been 15-20 minutes tops. Not trying to be a jerk, just thought I'd give some feedback. Thanks for the guide nonetheless! It still helped no doubt.

  7. I've downloaded the ePSXe before to try it but when I tried playing "Spyro The Dragon 2" it ran slowly and I wanted to use one of the cheats to bypass paying for the abilities but the cheat wouldn't work. Do I need to add a plugin for that, if so, which one? Do you think you can send me a link over YouTube? Also…. Tell me how to deal with the slowness please. Thank you. ^_^.

  8. desktop resolution has nothing to do with render resolution, so you want that set to the resolution of the games, if u have any fullscreen errors you should actually change the dpi settings when you right click the launcher and that fixes that, but DONT, set the res to 1280×1024, haha that sjust aweful

  9. I am using a xbox 360 controller, even tryed with a ps4 controller, and when i try to change the keys in settings i push a button but as soon as i let it go, it goes back to default so i cant get a controller to work. Any help would be apreciated.

  10. I don't usually comment on videos, especially not those from around a year, however. I have never wanted to slap someone and tell them to get to the point more in my entire life. STICK TO THE POINT YOU WAFFLING PILE OF HORSE SHIT.

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