Fallout 4’s new Far Harbor DLC sends you to the island of Far Harbor looking for a missing person. What you find when you get there is a mysterious synth …


  1. Longfellow may not look like the late Christopher Lee, but there is an air of Count Dooku about him. From Longfellow's hair that looks like the decapitated head of the Count, to his duster like coat that flaps along as he moves at a spry pace for an inebriated octogenarian. Lucas was very tongue in cheek when the cgi Count tumbled in the air from the balcony to the floor…pretty good for an 83 year old!

  2. Bit of a strange one but has anyone had any problems with their xbox one reading their fallout 4 disc since the update? I've tried it with 2 separate fallout discs and nothing. Hit A to launch, get brought to the "please stand by" image and the then it just goes back to the home page. All my other game discs work. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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