I haven’t ever gotten into a game like this before but I’m intrigued to say the least. It seems like a combination of a MOBA with a medieval warfare game. Seems …


  1. I just love how they made the Knight in the end use his sword like a hammer. It's so real and true to life although I don't see how the Samurai are cutting through the Knights armor. European armor is better then the blades used by Samurai at the time.

  2. Out of the three
    Vikings knew only life of plunder and raid. They werent even close to the word honor.
    Knights werent honorable either they were a tool used by the church to do their dirty work and fight wars which usually meant even killing children and women.
    Samurai now they knew the real meaning of honor. These people of Asia and east and south east Asia were honorable people and even in this modern world shit still are honorable people.

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