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  1. I never played the original, without the dash movement, it really must have been a hell of a game to go through, that being said, the main problem this game has is the linear-non explorable levels that have nothing to do with the old school games it is supposed to be based off, coupled with the serious lack of variety in enemies, the story ( if you even call that a story) is trash too, though that doesn´t really matters when it comes to this type of games. It is a 7/10 game anyway.

  2. Playing it right now… I think it pretty good with redux improvements. Lots to play with for player expresion… Though i wish the main character was more mature. He sound like a hardboiled middle age soldier but talks like some inmature poorly brough up millenial teenager saying shit and fuck and variations of those two words every other sentence. Its very annoying.

  3. Apparently buying Hard Reset Redux on Steam gets you Hard Reset Redux + Hard Reset Extended Edition. I bought Hard Reset Redux yesterday so that was a nice surprise to get both versions.

  4. i bought Hard Reset Redux on the steam sale. but i got Hard Reset Redux And Hard Reset With DLC Dont know if that was correct or not. was it all bundled togheter?

  5. I bought this game a year ago, I was playing it. I got extremely bored of it, all you have to do is use the Mortar and Rocket Launcher to win. I literally forgot that I even owned this game until recently.

  6. Despite the issues, I liked the original one and I liked this one too. The game play seems indeed a bit more balanced, though I got the feeling that the graphics were simpler. The publisher offered the redux version for 5 euro's when you got the original which is friendly. Recommended. Somehow I always preferred Hard Reset over their Shadow Warrior reboot, probably because this is more about shooting while the other is more about melee type fighting.

  7. First timer here and having a ball with this. Playing with a 360 controller which has Y as the quick switch to the Katana so I guess that helps. This game is a lot of fun 🙂

  8. Saw Hard Reset was on 75% off… saw some of the reviews on it, but then I thought to myself, "What does Gggmanlives think about it?" Sure enough, you got a review on it.

    You're an awesome resource for honest opinions.

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