These are all the unlockable outfit modules (some dlc) put on Miku herself in customization for the PS4/PSV game, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone …


  1. Rin – 8 minute video
    Len – 5 minute video
    Luka – 8 minute video
    Kaito – 5 minute video
    Meiko – 5 minute video
    Extra characters – 3 minute video

    Miku – fucking 25 minute video!

  2. Mikuzukin = Little Red… Actually I'm not sure is this right or not

    Noble = School Noble.. Wait, this module is used for Cantarella (Diva 2nd), so Kaito's poisoning a student X")

    Wait Hana Kotoba and Kasha are not translated? Hmm..

    The same for Mousou? :" Arifure, and in capslock, like, ARIFURE X")

    AND WHAT?! ZANY NEVER HEARD OF THAT– (Sucharaka Hatsune…?)

    Miku School Swimsuit = Racing Swimsuit…? Wait, what?

    But so far, you did a very great job SEGA .,. You already tried your best. And thanks for the video Red <3

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