Open Me ‘n Watch in 1080p HD!! 🙂 More info can be found here…including the makeup I’m wearing in this video 🙂 A haul… of more pretties… I’ve been doing …


  1. I know that this is a video from way back but I just discovered the Urban Decay Moondust shadows you swatched and I love them. Solstice is my favorite by far. Have you noticed that if you wear them in daylight or fluorescent lighting the glitter doesn't show but it does under incandescent (regular light bulbs and night lighting)? I've never heard anyone mention it but you can wear them in the daytime to work and be in "stealth mode" with the glitter but then at nighttime it's instant disco ball on your eyes.

  2. I really struggle with watery waterlines too! 🙂 I like Marc Jacobs, Sephora, and Nars liners! they stay pretty well! (I also like the Jordana 12 hour shadow sticks for a drugstore option!)

  3. It would be really cool if you did a project pan for the products you don't like as much and want to get rid of! I think it would be cool for everyone to see:P

  4. I'm looking for a foundation brush that dosent shed,because its very annoying to pick the hairs out of your face. I was considring a beauty blender but I have oily ance prone skin,and I fear that the constant cleaning I would have to do to the sponge would make it break faster…I was interested to try that marc jacobs foundation brush but as a beginner of hoarding and using makeup,I feel it might be to high end for me right now..what brush could u recommed that wouldn't shed on me like that …currently I only own the sonia kashuk limited edition purple brushes…love the eye brushes but I hate the face ones.

  5. I love your videos!! Your cat is sssooooo cute! When you were describing the liners that feel like you got punched in your eyeball had me laughing! I thought I was the only one who had super sensitive eyes, there have been so many liners that I just stop using because of that same reason. You described the feeling perfectly! If you ever find out what ingredient causes that please let us know. Will definitely try out the Marc Jacobs ones.

  6. Have you seen YSL couture Variation palettes! I have both and they are beautiful! I bought them in January I stumbled on them on Nordstrom site but checked The YSL site and for someone reason it's $10 cheeper . I had figured you would have already had them. They are really beautiful. I have pics on Google .

  7. So worried for you! Praying you're well soon! I have arthritis and I know how winter can be a bear! I'm on some serious meds and know how they can make ya feel a little unmotivated. Sigh. Hurry up spring!!! Just for you!!!

  8. Tara, Thanks for talking about the new Bare Minerals Complexion Gel Cream. I was also wondering about Bare Minerals new Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation…have you tried that? I am 50 now and I am needing plenty of hydration for my skin. I was going to order the IT CC cream until you mentioned that you didn't like some of the ingredients in it, so I did my own research and you are soooo correct! I don't want that on my skin. I can't use the Dr. Jart's because I only use cruelty-free products. So, I was considering both the new Bare Mineral products, and I was hoping for the Tarababyz stamp of approval on one or the other!

  9. Why don't u spend ur money on bags, purses or even shoes cuz you've got too many makeup products (no hate) u can't finish it even if you're 1000 years old

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