STREAM TIP / CHANNEL TIP PATREON Fallen Legion: Sins Of An Empire Let’s …


  1. hi GGK, I'm sorry I missed this stream. by the way the last two names are in Welsh & the paragraph with the names are using the brethanic languistcs.
    if I do manage to catch this game in a stream I'm happy to help translate. being bi-lingual has it's own perks. oh this going to be fun to translate if you need help. Ta!

  2. Hi there came across your channel from a game search – been enjoying your videos since… hard to watch your live content cause I work permanent nights – I dont usually go for these type of games and would of overlooked this otherwise – glad I subscribed ­čśŹ
    PSN :- Gadget_Phil

  3. You only got one full team KO on the boss Kylie so you did really well! It seems like Examplors getting killed in battle is normal you just have to balance reviving them during the fight. The revive regents slow though. Blocking seems so important.

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