Launching February 28, 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn is an exhilarating new open-world action …


  1. Why would they have the lead as a female? One, if they are so set on having the ability to play as a female, they should go the mass effect route. Two, if they didn't want to take the time and program it, then they should simple have a male lead. Most people playing this game will be male and a male is a much more believe able protagonist.

  2. Pour dire comment je suis hypé c'est grâce à ce jeu que j'achète la PS4. Après le backgrounds du jeu est un peu bidon, on ne retourne pas aussi vite à la préhistoire

  3. I bought a PS4, just so I could play Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last of Us!! 🙂 Horizon is totally captivating! It was so worth it to buy the console and this game! Horizon is amazing and beautiful, plus the story is very intriguing.

     I mean who came up with a post apocalyptic world filled with tribal people AND machines? Brilliant, simply brilliant!

  4. Dear Guerrilla Games, Thank you for developing such an ambitious and astonishing game like Horizon: Zero Dawn. My friends, my family and I are absolutely amazed by the attention to detail and the vast game world you guys created. However, we all would be more than grateful if you released a small patch which integrates an option to deactivate the permanently visible waypoint marker – and optimally – the loot marker and all other dynamic beacons such as the merchant symbol or green exclamation mark for side quests as well.This little customization option would change the entire game for us!We hope that you'll have an ear for our humble request. Thank you very much, dear developers at Guerrilla Games and keep up your great work! :-)With our best regards,- true supporters of Guerrilla, huge fans of Killzone (now Horizon, as well) and your humble fans –

  5. I will cherish this game with grand memories, thank you Guerrilla for making an absolute legendary game. Thank you Sony for making this exclusive to the best gaming platform around
    "Thank You"

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