Is Horizon Zero Dawn the best looking game on PlayStation, ever? We’ll let you decide as we show you some direct capture of Horizon Zero Dawn running on …


  1. Yep, I'm getting a 4k tv and a ps4 pro (then sell my ps4) with my taxes….I was going to get a GTX 1080. I only have a CRT TV (I don't really watch tv, but it would be nice to watch netflix away from my desk), so I could go for a 40inch 4k or something and shove a fire stick in it.

  2. People who say the Order is the best looking game are wrong. The game is too stiff and lacks a lot of animation to be called grapahically the best. Uncharted 4 though with the affect of wind or even water hitting his hair and mud changing the color of his pants…now those are graphics.

  3. Hey Access. I have a question for you. How does aiming with the bow feel? Is it smooth? Or is it like the bow in Shadow of Mordor that felt really clunky and unnacurate?

  4. you know i sit and look at the vids you put up and i got to say YOU HAVE THE BEST JOBS IN THE WOULD but i also know how hard it must be to do the vids so good job everyone of you

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