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  1. Mini-Games:
    I think unfortunately mini games won’t come to bedrock because we have servers and Mojang doesn’t see any reason to add it, though it would be nice if they did

  2. Until they fix update range (radius around the player things are active) Bedrock edition is not worth playing. Update range is 128 blocks in Console and Java, but in Bedrock it is only 64 blocks. This breaks most of automatic farms – one has to stand right next to the farm for it to be active.

  3. I only have two big problems with BE. First, if you switch to a different inventory mode, It should stay in that mode the next time you load the game. I know the only difference is 1 click, but it would just be more convenient. Secondly, There should be a cursor sensitivity bar.

  4. I have a serious question. We used a seed u posted a few months back that had 3-4 villages near spawn that ran into each other. Very cool seed and weve spent alot of time on this world. Problem is….when we play multiplayer split screen because theres so many villages/villagers it totally lags and ruins the game. So I was thinking, if we get a Xbox One X since it has a faster processor will that get rid of the lag? Please let me know. Kevin

  5. Im not buying or playing that version until its in a better state!It still lacks much feautures and it still has problems!Im not playing it until it feels like the the Xbox One im playing right now!

  6. Here you have a Minecraft youtuber rambling on about how Minecraft has gotten “better” since launch just so that he can keep his friendship with Mojang and 4J. I’m sorry Toycat, but it’s been bad since the 1.7 update.

  7. Why are you always bragging about Xbox think it better it really Minecraft pc you suck why you always brag can you this stop or I'm reporting you for bragging why what about ps3 ps4 don't care wow only reason why they update minecraft better than ps3 or ps4 is that stupid Microsoft by Minecraft for 2.5 billion dollars can you really stop talking fast it s ooo annoying and then how you think you can copy Minecraft committees by copying them we can go there channel not this stupid one boi

  8. It's got a long way to go. First, it really needs optimization. It shouldn't take 3 seconds to enter the settings menu while playing. Second, make the crafting and inventory menu's more user friendly. Third, add options to save manually, turn off auto save, quit with or without saving. Fourth, change the default water texture to something nicer, it's too blue.

  9. Please make the video on the things that still need to change. Like you, I switch between editions, and I still don't like Bedrock. It's too much like PE and not enough like full console.

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