Here is how to connect the PS4 to a laptop using the remote play feature. This works with a Mac or a PC and allows you to play your Playstation 4 on your …


  1. can you play off your pc away from your house if you ps4 is on with wifi and then say you went to a friends house and used their intetnet on yout computer woild that would or do you have to use same wifi

  2. well ive connected to everything but the ps4 remote play app wont let me register. i tried connecting to the ps4 wifi from mac but it says use password, how do i find the password?

  3. Would this work for online games such as COD or Rainbow 6 siege, or is there any input lag. Also I get 25 Mbps would that be enough to handle online games

  4. this might sound strange lol but what if i have a tv and do every step you mention and then want to move my ps4 close to my modem to connect the LAN CABLE which cannot reach the tv. can i move my ps4 close to my modem and still be able to to connect my ps4 via the shareplay to my laptop? the ps4 will be turned ON but wont be connected by the hdmi to the tv, can i still see the the shareplay on my laptop? if you could reply that would be helpful.

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