In this video, Jraegames shows you how to hook up your Playstation VR headset to your PC to play any PC game in VR (Both SteamVR games and non-VR …


  1. i dont know what im doing wrong … ive tried so many times in every way possible, it does work but the images are always mixed… im trying project cars 2..

  2. Hello James, thanks a lot for your videos! I tried this and it works great, except for one thing: I got sick after few seconds. And it's weird because I don't get sick on PS4. I tried some apps I tried without problems on PS4, and I got sick.
    I have a i7 3,60Ghz, 16 Go Ram, and Geforce GTX 970, so I don't think it's about power.
    Could it be because head tracking doesn't include depth?
    Could it be refreshing rate of the headset?
    I can see a very little delay on the display when I move head left-right, but I don't get where it comes from.
    I just found one other guy on a forum, having the same problem, but he got no solution…
    Any idea?

  3. Something is messed up, I can see the left side of the screen on the left eye and the right on the right. I have messed with the IPD and nothing has blended the 2 views together, what should I do?

  4. Thanks for the video..I used this with my Smartphone on Gear. The head tracking is bad as it depends on Gyro of the phone. Do you know how is it for PlayStation VR? Does it uses the camera for tracking? Subbed

  5. i plugged in my psvr into pc with hdmi using the ps4 slot in converter box and plugged into graphics card slot. now my problem is that when i plug my OTHER hdmi into the 2nd hdmi slot i have avalible it doesnt display my pc on monitor. PLEASE HELP. thanks!

  6. My PSVR just shows an icon saying the HDMI is not connected. I've tried different cables without any joy. SteamVR seems to be working OK, but as I say PSVR says there is no HDMI cable plugged in.

  7. Trying to get this to work, but its not allowing me to see 1 screen per eye, so its not doing side by side, and it has no head tracking….anyone know what I'm going wrong? I follow the steps properly.

  8. you should fix your audio on your vids it only comes out of one side. not just this video but your other one that is about psvr on pc. Just letting you know it's really annoying and hard to listen to

  9. little protip for the little girl (im assuming your daughter)
    she can actually use the headset WITH her glasses.. and its quite easy to adjust the headset with glasses on 🙂

  10. so everything is plugged in correctly, now I do have a installation installing says installing playstation vr ? and when I click start and have my psvr on flat surface its says no psvr detected ?

  11. Thank you so much for the video it's lovely! I got one last (I hope) challenge: don't know how to control.

    I was in a game, and I can see everything in VR mode alright. However, couldn't figure out how to move around or click on things. I can't see mouse cursor, even I had ran Trinus in admin mode. (Note: I was testing on a Steam game called Walts of Wizard) >_<

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