As PS3 falls into a much-deserved sleep, let’s go over its 25 must-play games.


  1. my r gow 3,unchrtd 1 2 3,gow ascnsn,bayontta,ninja gaidn 1 2 3,rd dd rdmtn,ratchet tod,act,ITN,infms 1 2,mtl gr SLD 4,motorstm all 3 games,LST of us,yakuza 4,jrney,flower,kilzn 3,grntrismo 6,hvy rain.

  2. This guy has obviously never heard of pauses…
    Talking without any breaks between the different games is NOT the way to go. Give that guy some Ritalin..

  3. Yeah… no.
    The last ten were in the wrong order, and if you are going to integrate sequels like Uncharted 2 and 3 separately into the list… Fallout New Vegas is even better than Fallout 3.

  4. This is awfully shooter heavy, somhow managed to forget about Borderlands 2 even despite that shooter / action bias, and features no fighting or racing games whatsoever, and almost no RPGs??? C'mon guys. Wear your genre-biases a little less heavily, eh?

    New Vegas is much much much better than Fallout 3. Skyrim is great. BlazBlue is great. Need for Speed: Most Wanted is great. Valkyria Chronicles, Saints Row 4, Mirror's Edge, Street Fighter 4, Atelier Rorona, Folklore? Oy.

  5. I love the resistance when it came out because it was the only good game that release of PlayStation 3 but Resistance 3 is horrible and it really makes me question IGN's legitimacy

  6. Realy ?
    No God of War 3?
    No Metal Gear Solid 4?
    No Assassins Creed ?
    No Ninja Gaiden ?
    But a game who u have to walk on sands with a woman fully dressed(Irony) made to de 2nd place on the list ?
    IGN has been crazy this days…

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