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  1. I remember the ancient village level. You had to fight some drunk guy towards the end, and you can hear him babbling drunkenly to himself, to which Tejon thinks: "what the hell..?" As a kid, I found that to be pretty funny. Some good memories.

    Oh, and that mission with the renegade cannibal soldiers. Got some GUN vibes from those guys.

  2. Nice vid as always! Looks like a fun game for sure, the music sounds awesome. BTW you should give yourself the middle-name "nooks & crannies" 😄
    You should really review Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball! It got pretty good reviews and.. is a very weird game haha

  3. Nice review. brings back memories! I played this game on xbox in 2006 and it was good. Then i tried the pc version and it was better. It is also important to notice that this is not a full priced title, but it came out at 30 dollars. I bought this one brand new in Italy for 10 euros (in 2006 the first xbox was ending it's life span) and it was really worth the price!

  4. Dead Man's Hand looks like a game I could play once, then forget about it. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad game, but like you said, the game does have some basic flaws like the lack of checkpoints and the extremely muddy textures. The shooting is also as basic and by-the-numbers as you could imagine. But the game's complex elements like the Wild West setting and the trick-shot system does make it worth a look.

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