With Playstation Now PS4 Sony is finally making it subscription based so gamers will be able to pay per month to play PS3 Games on PS4. They’re also going to …


  1. You my friend are awesome completely entertaining, however you come with truths, thanks for your advice as I was looking between PS4 and XBOX One. I think I'm going to go to XBOX. keep up your great reviews cheers Ocean 🌊 from Australia I also subscribed to your channel as well cheers

  2. I understand Your point of view, but how would You evaluate profitability of PSN when thinking about those people that never had any console or just never possessed PS3. It's completely different story then.

  3. In some countries (as mine) is extremely expensive to buy consoles and games, that's one of the reasons I changed to PC gaming ad Steam, so this service looks nice at least for playing exclusive games.

  4. The one problem I have with Playstation Now whenever I play the games I liked, they lag and slow down even though I got good Internet. I'm regretting getting PS Now 😒😒😞😞

  5. Playstation now makes sense for someone who only owns a PS Vita and PC, like me. I never bother to buy a console after the PS3 and was playing PC only. But the vita is just another level because is portable and I can play it anywhere! Playstation Now is great for the vita because the vita library lacks triple a titles.

  6. have the free trial right now. I don't have hundreds of games, wondering if I'm really hardcore enough to play that many games. also, what about my games that I have? I haven't beaten all of them, mainly cause my controller broke and I said screw it, I like the PS2, that right there looks like I should just forget about it, but just got a new one. I mean, it would be worth it, if I play one game a month, or like to dip. but I have no income so I basically feel guilty. I'm being supported because right now I have a black eye from falling on my face from frequent seizures.

  7. I rarely comment on any videos about lnguage.. I couldn't give a shit and I genuinely have nothing against so called… oooohhhh… "bad-fuckin'-words" in general, but 30% of the language used is just swearing and it makes it really unwatchable and awkward. I wanted to know about PSNow and this video comes up.. I can't share this with my family or certain people I know, even if the content or information is useful, just because it's not suitable. Presentation on a channel you have should match the content, no?

    Man, don't listen to me – it's your video channel. But this is a comment section. So there's my comment.

  8. it isn't worth it cause if you have bad internet you can't go on it or if lots of people go onto your internet you sill can't go on it so you need good internet and also if you go on a game its rubbish quality and lags all the time also you cant get the games for free and forever cause you cant download them you just press start and the game doesn't download it just starts the game anyway i pressed get free trial now and it bought it instead eand wasted my dads money and my mums money

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