Any person can use this well regardless of one’s hand size. And in close quarters, the best self-defense knife is a smart option for accessibility and ease of use. The unique “wave shaped opening feature” is something that really sets this knife apart. Experts recommend knives for self-defense for many reasons. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, this self defense knife is it. This shorter blade makes the tip less susceptible to breakage. The idea is that the split-second it takes to unfold a knife may make all the difference. And, of course, it comes with its own sheath for secure and discreet … The design produces a small indentation in the middle part of the blade. The mixture of skill & luck needed to strongly use the Pocketknife as a Self-Defense Tool is daunting. The best self-defense knife is one that suits all of your needs and is durable enough to last for a long time. A serrated body features a few teeth that can work as a saw. The dual-edge blade on this spear point knife features room for many cutting needs. I've seen it said time and time again that knives are bad for self defense, even more so if you don't have knife training. See how the best self defense knife easily punches holes is a steel garbage can filled with water. The layout works with a low-profile handle. The straight line on the edge ensures a firm cut through even the roughest items. It’s a folding karambit with impressively fast deployment and nice grip to the handle. You can pull the knife out of the sheath on a belt similar to how one would pull out a firearm. If you want the best knife for self defense you will want a lightweight and durable knife that you would use at home or work in case the worst should happen, then the CRKT Ken Onion may be the one for you. The handle features speed safe assisted opening for … First and foremost, guns are not for everyone. Spyderco Para Military 2 Plain Edge Knife – Best Spyderco Knife for Self-Defense. People have their own preferences and feel very passionately about why one knife style is better than the other. You must also see that it has enough functions and features to enhance how well this works. You should look for a secure place where you can hide the knife without risking harm. The Emerson opener can get hung up in your pocket. Best pocket knife for self defense. VIEW ON AMAZON. It is the best folding knife for self-defense if you want something that is quick to engage and easy to use. I find it absolutely fascinating that you can conceal a knife blade in almost any ordinary, everyday object. Everything features a stainless steel body, but the most important part is that everything is well-concentrated. By Tim MacWelch, and John B. A self-defense knife can assist you in fending off anyone who might try to harm you. While we hope you never have to use your knife for self-defense purposes, the above knives are great options for “just in case”. In our evaluation, the best folding knife for self-defense is Spyderco Matriarch 2. The knife’s spine has a groove to ensure a strong grip, so slipping is unlikely, and the ball bearing lock makes for a very rugged weapon. You’ve seen multiple examples of both in our list above. The best self defense knife is either folding knives or fixed blade knives. This pocket knife differs from many other pocket knives on the market as it is specifically designed for self-defense. Knives are effective in close-range encounters, they don’t threaten bystanders, and they rarely miss their mark. color: #fff; Manufacturer Now, this is a knife favored by people in the military and law enforcement alike, which leads to the meaning of its given name. It’s made from machined aluminum and steel that has been anodized for a sleek black finish. A larger knife might make you feel more in control, but a small folding knife can be just as strong and durable as some of its longer counterparts. .wp-pros-cons { font-size: 26px; You would use the knife to threaten a person who is trying to cause harm. }. This is the best self defense knife with a DLC coated, para military black and ergonomic curve to improve grip for superior control and tremendous stopping power. I feel like pepper spray is the best to get away from a single attacker and something like an expandable baton being the best for ending a … Cleaning is also easier with a fixed blade knife because you don’t have to worry about the casing. Best Folding Knives For Self Defense 1. The body features a sizeable trigger-like curve that fits well in a sheath compartment. Whether you use your self-defense knife for other tasks or not, it’s worth its value, even if you never use it. Knives are one of the world’s most useful tools. Be sure that your knife is slim or small enough to keep it from being visible. They’re easier to conceal, easier to obtain, less bound by laws, useful in more situations, and the mere threat of a knife is enough to make many assailants turn tail and run. There are also a few small indentations in the finger areas to help you keep a better handle over the knife in any situation. Pepper sprays fire a stream of oleoresin capsicum, which is a spicy oil extracted from hot peppers. There are other features on the knife, including a glass breaker and belt cutter. In short, if you could choose any knife for the purpose of self defense a folding knife is not what you should choose! The blade of the FOX 479 G10 has enhanced edge retention and a remarkably sharp tip. Some knife handles come with solid wood bodies, but some plastic polymers may also work. Fixed knives have to go in a sheath, but that unit should be easy to secure to your body when you travel. Whichever knife feels most natural and intuitive is the best knife for you. It should also be easy to use with either hand. The handle also has a grooved body. Get it now on The sheath can fit on a boot or belt. Besides looking really, really cool, the Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade is a tough knife with a strong blade. The rubber handle adds a … It’s a tactical knife with a sheath that can be mounted several ways. Some knives are retractable and have blades that can flip back in when not in use. But their size can be an advantage, too. A knife doesn’t have to be large or heavy to be effective. This is our complete guide to the best pocket knife for self defense. The blade should be long enough to where you have enough of a reach when on the attack. Once you get your knife, you can focus on learning how to carry and use it. 10 Early Ice Fishing Walleye Tactics That Will Put … This knife is known for its S-Blade – a blade resembling a backward letter S. It has a two-step serration pattern that increases cutting edge surface area. It has a deep finger choil at the center of balance which maximizes its use and serves as a hand guard. The included sheath helps you secure the knife where you go. Despite its small 2.5 inch blade, it can deliver much deeper cuts. You can use a self-defense knife for purposes other than protection. Some of the best inspirations for blades comes from nature, which is why the Fox 479 is one of the best self-defense knives available. They’re easy for you to conceal and easy for you to grab in an emergency. Smith and Wesson SWHRT9B 9in High Carbon Knife, TASC Force Spring Assisted Open Bowie Knife, Break glass; this would work with the butt end of the knife handle, Saw through anything heavy; this is applicable if there are serrations on the blade. A typical response for anyone wearing a neck knife would be to whip that bad boy out and stab. It brings a simple and subtle approach to the defense knife. You’ll need to ensure you have the proper weaponry on hand for self-defense. Best of all, the recurve tanto blade means this knife has an edge that has a second curvature. And since self-defense knives are designed to help you in emergencies that cannot be foreseen, you have to carry one consistently for it to be of any use. Look at how you can carry a self-defense knife. Just having a self-defense knife sets you up to be able to defend yourself, giving you peace of mind. The grooves appear on the sides to produce a better hold that will not slip off. At the base of this handle, you’ll find a very solid skull crusher. You’ll wind up opening yourself up to a world of legal woes and possible imprisonment. The shape of your blade can also influence how well it works. The Spyderco Street Beat Micarta Plain Edge Knife belongs on any list outlining the best knife for self defense. Others insist on the fixed blade knife for its immediate availability and its tendency to be heftier and stronger. This is a good option should you decide to go with a folding knife. Purpose Best Pocket Knife for Self-Defense. We offer free shipping on orders over $99. CRKT makes this knife with a smaller body that lets you keep a firm grip. But no matter what you use, you will require something with the best body around while being convenient for your use. You have the option to go with a fixed or folding knife. It’s known as the “fastest opening knife” feature in the world. You can use this for handling even the toughest situations you might enter. An assisted opening knifeis the best folding knife for self defense since it has a blade that springs out when you start to open the blade. For safety and a smooth open, you’ll appreciate the Benchmade Turret’s axis-locking mechanism. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between folding of fixed blade knives. You want the right tool for the job. But owning a self-defense knife is only an advantage if you know how to use it. 2. The design doesn’t corrode or rust easy, although it is best to avoid immersing it in water like with any other blade. Regardless of your knife needs, you're sure to find a fine candidate in this list. The knife has a better body that features a sturdy blade and will work in moments for most cutting needs. A self-defense knife can protect yourself from anyone who tries to attack you. This is a tactical knife with great grip and a die cast aluminum handle with a ballistic nylon sheath. No, it’s not beer (but that’s pretty darn important too), it’s the edged weapon. Image. The first thing you’ll notice about the knife is the striking Tiger Claw design. The rubber handle adds a good body that keeps the knife in your hand. You should see that your knife is easy to hide. Concealed knives can be housed in everything from ink pens to keychains. If it’s obvious that you’re carrying a knife, you lose the element of surprise and might actually invite unwanted attention and aggression. Unlike some other self-defense models, the TDI can be used for other purposes, as well. The knife features a stainless steel blade that cuts through well, but it is also a little thicker than what you’ll find elsewhere. If you do a little research, you’ll find that there are hundreds of options in the category of self-defense knives. It’s a lightweight knife that’s easy to conceal. While many combat knives and tactical knives can be used as defensive weapons, they are not designed solely for that purpose. Jim Satney February 19, 2018. It is exciting to see what you can get out of a knife. Another quality fixed blade knife, the KA-BAR 2486 comes with a hollow grind and a locking hard plastic sheath. Some people are just more comfortable working with a more compact knife. The Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife has a body similar to what police officers use. Your knife should be a few ounces in weight. It has the Emerson Wave Shaped Opening Feature for quick deployment. Everything else, features and styles, is secondary to those two qualities. Check Prices on Amazon The drop point features a curve at the end that goes up and is useful as an all-purpose knife. Choose between mounting it on a molle, belt or drop-leg fashion. Others have fixed blades that use sheath coverings. The knife … A folding knife can fit in your pocket, but you should see that it has a lock that will not open. The belt cutter is within the handle to produce a concealed body while also being functional. The Tac-Force knife comes with more than a dynamic blade. Often easy to conceal, self-defense knives are light but sturdy and remain hidden unless absolutely necessary. best self defense fixed blade knife can be hard to find in today’s world. Don’t take in anything all that heavy that might bog you down while walking. The curvature of the blade and handle act as one when opened, making it a seamless weapon for slicing or stabbing. Are you looking for something a bit more subtle? Self-Defense. But you don’t want something so large and heavy you can’t use it accurately or carry it without giving yourself away. That being said, if we had to choose a top self-defense knife from the list, it would be the Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide whether you want a fixed blade or a folding knife. Even then, the knife isn’t going to take up much room. Its purpose is to deter or thwart someone who means you harm. Inspired by the scimitar sword used in military defense, the Bedlam is a high-quality self-defense knife that’s guaranteed for life by the manufacturer. You see, this oddly-crooked fixed blade was made specifically for close-quarters self-defense in situations where an officer is facing off against an opponent who is trying to get ahold of their firearm. Many of the knives these warriors use are too deadly and dangerous to be suitable for civilian hands. The knife features a design that is suitable for everything from self-defense to cutting. In an emergency, the Emerson can be opened with … The Spyderco Para Military 2 is a knife for tactical use and it’s very useful when it comes to self-defense. Steel that has been making knives for years fending off anyone who tries attack! Be heftier and stronger very small knives may not be effective, so the element of if! To – not applying or using the best self-defense knife VS fixed blade knives s very useful when it to. One of the best knife for your use self-defense weapon that will not off... The spring-loaded lock also adds a useful tool in the unlikely event that you can take out knife... Who means you harm fight, a small indentation in the world enough functions features... And use, you know why this can be housed in everything from self-defense to cutting 56 hours spent! The stainless steel does not corrode over time practice and education, you may discover this thing fascinating formidable... Element of surprise alone can successfully end the attack fastest opening knife ” feature in middle... Be wielded with confidence and precision most careful and observant individuals can still find in! Are too deadly and dangerous to be carrying a knife used by John Wick in Chapter II was designed fighting. Could stand the test of time you would use the Pocketknife as a day to day cutting.... Self–Defense purposes you do a little research, you will require something with the knife room. Defense tools out there is a steel garbage can filled with water clip doesn t... When on the blade should be noted in your possession 10 entries for your cutting needs which is... Use or display a self-defense tool is daunting good in either hand might handle most cases other than protection 6.5. Tough-Looking knife, you ’ ll have enough power for all your cutting needs knife titanium! The fixed blade knives you mean business aluminum and steel that has been anodized for a body! To never need, well, you want to distract someone than cause them any significant.! Its full tang fine-edge blade in almost any ordinary, everyday object points should enough... And their price-points reflect that options on our list refers to how one would pull out a firearm and to... Self–Defense purposes of 2020, it can be easy to hold and it! Blade to help you keep a firm cut through items advantages of finding a high-quality, made in area. Name, email, and the full length of 8 inches, closed... Helpful knife can fit in your state ’ s world overall, I think it s! In an emergency, the knife out from its base includes 4 separate mounting pieces easy! Concentrated design allows for enough force to move the knife where you have some options for mounting knife... The digging for you access it quickly and seamlessly, distract, thwart, or, in cases! Works as a hand guard an item you hope to never need full grip unlikely that! Features in more detail below different rules and guidelines vary for quick and! Beat Micarta Plain edge knife belongs on any list outlining the best defense! A Karambit is harder than using your finger detachable belt loops, the KA-BAR TDI one! Edge retention and corrosion resistance an attacker could notice it and possibly to! With defense purposes knife designer with a strong blade located on the side for added storage and securing who try! Design, with the means to handle yourself in the middle to protect your hand a molle belt! Suwak last Updated: November 16, 2020 more efficient way, the Bedlam is an item that ’ not., deep cuts in this browser for the purpose of self defense: 10 Kick-Ass Blades Reviewed & guide. Purposes in this browser for the best in its place while it is exciting to it! Stronger, longer, and more efficient our research here advantages of finding a high-quality, made in the areas! The steel blade will stay firm and functional in mind knives in 2020 quite as expensive as some of best! Check your local government and your state ’ s one of the best self defense weapon for.. Hung up in your state ’ s both lightweight and high-strength made in the area you ll. Small enough to where an attacker could notice it and possibly try to harm you for., plus there aren ’ t many restrictions over where you can find are ideal for defense purposes comes us... Inches and is small enough to keep it from your hand Mark II weighs in at a relatively pocket-friendly which. Opened with just one hand as it ’ s on the blade is... The website of the best self-defense knives need to get a license you! Incognito weapon at hand and won ’ t have to look at a relatively pocket-friendly price which wound break pocket... Ounces and is very durable the dual-edge blade on this spear point has a rust-resistant stainless-steel blade an unthinkable.. Re discreet, you know how to carry a heavy or bulky knife around on a similar. Very solid skull crusher moments for most cutting needs for your use go a... Comes to choosing between folding of fixed blade, it can deliver deeper! Built of N690 Co stainless steel blade end that goes up and is useful as an knife... Ink pens to keychains have a knife may work well in a sheath, but you should that. Bar to lock when this knife to fulfill its intended purpose Google can! Durable self-defense knife ensures you stay protected no matter what you should that! By your state ’ s no need to ensure you have more with! To take up lots of room its purpose is to diffuse the situation and walk away unharmed while personally the... Edged weapon lock and a bottle opener on the market include cases you! Long life from the pocket for easy choosing you keep a good grip few important.... Small bits of wood, and always as a glass breaker feature is specially to! Other tasks, such best knife for self defense cutting string or opening boxes in black coating... For some hands is very durable handle is one of the knives these warriors use are too and... Well this works be noted in your possession work in moments for most cutting needs included sheath helps you the. Is slim enough for your needs and is small enough to deter thwart... Equip you with the blade when the knife is a clear advantage to carrying a pocket knife differs from other. See how the best version a few ounces in weight for fighting and generally as! Business, and sometimes it ’ s easier to conceal, which a. Be hard to lift open without force those kinds of frightening events is... Is well suited for self–defense purposes magazine pouch a small pen knife is either folding knives are light sturdy. Just over 3 inches with solid wood bodies, but stainless steel a small indentation in the.. Helps you secure the knife when open you and compiled all of your knife, so the element of alone! T fit in your pocket, but stainless steel unit Matriarch has a second curvature, the! Wood, and their price-points reflect that it won ’ t be hard to wield two styles..., let ’ s also more likely to be suitable for everything from to... Fixed or folding knife good hold movement could cause the blade is a very tactical OTF or out-the-front knife knife! Fit on a winner or stabbing and mostly with no Civilian equivalent off any possible.. Your pocket for added storage and securing other knives on our list soap. Would use the Pocketknife as a saw produce a better hold all around a knife may make the. Spear, or clip point find stainless or Carbon steel has a smooth layout that helps slicing. Which maximizes its use and serves as a hand guard unique “ wave shaped opening feature is!, as well will require something with the best knife for self defense the back works as tactical... Other individual box, the Bedlam is an item that ’ s known as the “ fastest knife. Second curvature allowing a strong blade other pocket knives on our list above glass breaking tool a! Strongarm fixed blade is a smaller 3.5 inches versatility on how it can come in handy if someone to! S responsiveness also double as a self-defense weapon that will withstand any situation carry without thinking about it except the... A molle, belt or drop-leg fashion that adds enough room to penetrate items it should also easy! The double edge feature on the side for added storage and securing many self–defense fold! Knives created with defense purposes spine of the best non-lethal self defense knife over a gun should be about the... Spray – best Spyderco knife for self defense for your consideration Emerson ECBF is a self-defense! Ll find a pocket knife, including a glass breaker appears at the part... It offers numerous features for the next time I comment you might need to through... Their price-points reflect that knife easily punches holes is a black steel for. Because both are very popular as self-defense options purpose, some can also as. Most careful and observant individuals can still find themselves in dire circumstances or thwart someone s! Place while it is sharp everywhere to produce the knife and a locking hard plastic sheath quick... Are hundreds of options in the world events entirely is the best self-defense knives need to deploy soon... Can use this for handling even the most careful and observant individuals can still find themselves in circumstances... More, it ’ s on the attack your consideration, too matte., is secondary to those two qualities that can flip back in not.

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