Meet Mahindra’s new compact SUV, the TUV300. Driven by Kartikeya Singhee at Mahindra’s test-track in Chakan. Autocar India is your one stop source for test …


  1. Watchout M&M.The jeep renegade is round the corner. Listen to VOC now. 4×4 and split rear seats. Get rid of the jump seat. Then you will have a winner.

  2. battle tank need not look pretty. I love this in every way. both interior and exterior. only thing I didn't like is its 3 cylinder rather than a 4 cylinder.

  3. It could have been given a 4 cylinder engine being a tough and true blue SUV. I feel that is the only thing lagging. Even the smaller SUV like kiddies ecosport, duster and brezza gets a 4 cylinder. Why Mahindra why???

  4. The car is pretty good to look at on road. At first it appeared ugly in these videos. Because of its boxy design it splits opinions. The design literally grows on you. It has a very menacing look and a muscular stance. On road it looks like a big car with proper SUV feel. An AWD variant will make it a complete compact SUV.

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