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  1. you know Im a big fan of the ME universe but Im dissapointed. Ive waited all day for this trailer and I dont like it! Why? because Ive this feeling Ive seen this before…like SW ep VII …. The villain is totally like Saren Arterius. The "unknow big evil in the shadows effect" and the MACOjeep and planet exploration. They are in new galaxy omg and we see all the milky way races. Big mutant lizard dragon… Salarians, Krogan, Asari… where is some fantasy and some exotics? I want to see nonhumanoid noncorporeal races. No this again. I have to sparate this from the original game in my head or…. 🙁 really want to enjoy this but Ive doubts. It looks like ME remake/reboot….. totally

  2. Just damn now all we need is female Ryder the sister and then we are good everything is coming together from Shepard to the Ryder's this will be truly epic they are the explorers now it's to find a new path home

  3. You guys need to respect the fact that the gaming industry is changing. So much so that graphics are becoming so real we will soon have no need for movie adaptation. Especially when the PS5 comes out in a couple of years. Compare that to the realistic graphics you have now and you can measure how great gaming will become in very short order. People complaining about and ending from a previous game will never be prepared for new challenges because their expectations are going to be based on how bad a past experience was so they will never embrace fully the implications of not over coming disappointment because they are afraid to face themselves thus the blame will always be externally exercised.

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