Ryan reviews Megaman 8 for the PS1 and Saturn! Was the style a bit too different than the previous games? Also, Jump, Jump, Slide, Slide. ——– Footage …


  1. I love Mega Man 8, it's one of my favorite Mega Man's ever. Love the graphics, level designs, weapon power ups, bosses, music, and yes even the so BAD it's AWESOME voice acting. Inafune also stated that it's one of his favorites and that the development team had a great time making it. So many people complain about the "surfing" parts which i really have no idea why because they are MASSIVELY EASY. I have it for both Saturn and PS1 but play it almost exclusively for the Saturn is it's the definitive version of the game.

  2. I'm guessing if you thought Megaman 8 was hard you didn't play 2, or god forbid, megaman 1. Megaman 3 was moderately hard and they got progressively easier after that one but I remember 8 being pretty easy but that's just me.

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