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  1. +failedtolisten By the current numbers, CoD:IW is NOT doing that well in the SLIGHTEST. The game is actually doing SIGNIFICANTLY WORSE than BLOPS 3 did the year prior. Right now, the trailer is BY FAR the most disliked on youtube with it stitting at 2.8 million dislikes and preorders re at a dismal 63,649 in total in between the PS4 and XBOx One. My guess is that people were wanting a CoD 4 remaster and they are getting it BUT you have to buy Infinite Warfare JUST to get that game which is one reason why the fanbase is pissed and not preordering the game and also there is like a $20 premium ON TOP of that so you have to cough up $80 in order to get the remaster and there is no standalone option for getting the remaster which is why so many people are pissed off cause of tht and another reason is that people are really starting to get bored of the modern war genre and Battlefield 1 is showing that people are fatigued modern and futuristic war games cause the trailer for that game is THE POLAR OPPOSITE cause gamers proved EA wrong that a WW1-isnpired FPS something that gamers did not want and proved their reasons that trench warfare would be too boring and all that stuff.

  2. If Xbox Live went free it would be a big blow to Sony especially since Sony's financials are getting better because of PS Plus it would be a huge move im not sure if MS is willing to do because they make a ton from XBLG but it would get people talking about XB1

  3. I'd love to see Microsoft turn XBLG into a similar service to PS3's version of PS+ (gives subs a bunch of extra goodies but doesn't restrict online access). Sadly, I don't think it's going to happen at all, PS+ and XBLG are basically free money that consumers have shown they're willing to pay and both companies bring in a good chunk of change from them. Thankfully I'm safe from that bullshit on PC.

  4. What I'd like to see Microsoft do is them making Xbox One more future proof. By that I mean I want to be able to preserve my games and buy games I haven't played years after they stop supporting the console. Right now, you still need an internet connection to setup your Xbox One, which means if your hard drive died after the console is no longer supported, it would be a brick to you. Also, a lot of the Microsoft's first party exclusives, including Forza 5 and Halo the MC Collection, require day-1 patches to play. And this is the biggest reason I'm not interested in owning an Xbox One right now. But hey, I know I'm in the minority.

  5. Few things I want from Microsoft. Surprise us with new IP's like Recore and Scalebound, more PC stuff, and confirmation that Phantom Dust isn't cancelled.

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