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  1. "Scorpio will render native 4k" No it fucking wont. A 1400 dollar titan XP can barely chug it, and they claim their shitty 400 dollar system has no problem with it? Framelocked at 25FPS maybe..

  2. does that mean the next ES game will be 4K? that seems unlikely for bethesda, they've always focused more on gameplay rather than graphics and though I love fallout, ES is way better in terms of what you can do.

  3. I don't really care if a game is 4k or not. Games on consoles should not be in 4k, but they should look much better graphically and perform better. What does 4k do? People want games to look good and be 60 FPS. If they Xbox Scorpio is going to play games in Native 4k the games will not look very good. If they do look good then the Xbox Scorpio is probably really expensive. Also if they are in 4k they probably won't be 60 FPS.

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