Motorsport Manager 2016 PC Career Mode PREVIEW- PART 1 THE BEST START POSSIBLE! (Formula 1 Manager Game 2016) FULL GAME HERE: …


  1. Sorry but I didn't learn anything I came here to see. You sim'd important parts and didn't explain how to do better. Reading the mail and doing an interview made me switch to another youtubers tutorial.

  2. doesnt understand how he is still in 19th
    "you get these freak results in qualifying sometime"
    never notices drivers hate their setups


    Good vid tho

  3. dude stop comparing this game to the F1 game and F1 in real life. This is a standalone game an they are trying to be as unique as possible. All that shite you were talking about like "okay so this is Ferrari, and this is Force India" "okay so he must be Button". This is a standalone and not how Playsport Games wants this game to be viewed/played …

  4. Is the game open to modding? It would be nice to have classic F1 seasons with real names, shape & texturing on cars. That would be quite an incentive for buying it.

  5. I know absolutely nothing about motorsport but I'm still very excited about this game! Have been playing Football manager for years, so I obviously love these types of games!

  6. So… from 12th to 2nd in two laps just because you pitted for full wets one lap earlier than the other teams. Unfortunately this game looks just as broken as the mobile version. I'd like to see how the AI handle a safety car. On mobile they happily trundle around behind it for four laps, then follow it into the pits to change tires when racing resumes.

    Unless they've still got major fixes planned for the AI, I won't be putting down any money for this.

  7. The moment this game releases I"m going to explode. I've been playing it on my phone for quite a while and always wanted a PC version and this is just going above and beyond, it's amazing.

  8. Looking forward to this game. A good F1 manager game is probably finaly here. Played GP2 manager back in the day. So Ive been waiting awhile.
    I got a question for you. If you start at the lowest tier, can you build your team from scratch then? Like livery, name, location etc. And have they mentioned anything about moddability? Steam got a well worked in workshop feature.

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