Movies To Video Games Reviews Review #83 FAN REQUESTED REVIEW Disney’s Hercules Action Game for the Playstation and PC is fully reviewed and …


  1. Good review, but it goes on for way too long. Explaining how to defeat every boss and showing every stage is unnecessary. A review shouldn't take longer then around 10 minutes max.

  2. Is this a review, let's play footage or a detailed FAQ/walkthrough? It's too long & too detailed to be a good review, and it's too much edited to be a proper let's play footage or a FAQ. Thumbs down.

  3. Movies2gamesreviews thank you for reviewing Hercules. It is one of my favorite Disney movies of all timesI like the 2d animation effects by Nicolas Pajuelo. Please,  review the ant  bully for ps2, gamecube, and wii if you can

  4. The very first PS1 game I ever owned! From where I first saw it in a Hugo-themed Show on Kabel Eins back in late '97, where Rapid Racer and Toshinden 3 were also shown, to where I first get a PS1 back in the spring of '98, to where I play the demo of the game included on a demo disc that came with my PS1 titled Demo One, to the moment where I finally get to play this for the first time a few weeks or so after playing the demo. Long live PlayStation.

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