My favorite Action-RPGs enjoy 😉


  1. D3 suck and should burn from ARPG history!

    and by the way stop with the damn "point and click"
    what pc game with mouse is not point and click?

    i don't fucknig see those idiotic "point and click" comments on top 10 FPS games..

    you're not a fan of ARPG? fine GTFO! no1 hold u and force you to watch it geeezzz!😠💢💢..

    **ohh if you don't know the meaning of Action RPG, don't open your damn mouth and say "its not action and just point and click"

  2. For everyone that is suggesting stuff . Read the name .. Its HIS LIST ! his opinnion . We know there are alot more games out there . But he just likes these the most himself 🙂 simple

  3. You fucking retards giving dislikes just because Diablo 2 or 3 are not in the number 1 spot… FUCK YOU! It's his personal list and he can put whatever game he wants at number one. And for the other retards who listing games like Baldurs Gate, Planescape Torment… Again it's his personal opinion, the title of the video is "MY TOP 10" so there's your answer why these games aren't in the list, fucking faggots! Fallout 2? You brainless motherfuckers, there's no hope for you! That's turn bassed combat rpg not action rpg, you stupid moronic idiots, read the fucking title of the video and then go fuck yourselves!

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