Neverwinter is the great new free to play MMO on Xbox One. Here are some Neverwinter Xbox One tips to help you on your adventures. These are simple tips that should really help you with you…


  1. wait for a zen sale buy a pack like fey pack get vip to 7 and when you get your artifacts pick the shopkeeper youll then be set to in 6 days of playing on the 3 toons you can have youll have enough diamonds keys gold etc to get anything you want that's reasonable the vip at rank 7 gives the best perks and fey gives  a toon slot plus epic companion mount etc for all 3 toons or any more youll ever make plus tons of daily rewards you can actualy sell because you wont need them all after 6 days youll be set up for awhile and people will pay crazy ad for the daily packs and dye you get etc

  2. thanks for the tips man. was hard to hear in parts but helped me get into it more. this is the first mmo ive ever played and only because its free. are there anymore on xbox one that are free? or maybe one that could work on a fairly poor pc.

  3. +Buckskin_Snuggy_Gaming I am level 7 or 8 with one of my characters but i dont see any astral diamonds like you were saying, I have not long started but was it changed?

  4. Hey guys, I need help, im stuck on what I should do. Do you think I should get a new compainion, or should I get a horse. (xbox 1 edition)by the way, im RuSeF

  5. I'm a new sub and new player to the game but i plan on getting into it and all the end game content. Can you make a video or point me to another which explains all the dailies one does for stuff? Like rhix's(i think?) which gives astrals for a daily dungeon, etc etc.

  6. I am having trouble getting the free companion. At First I just made an arc account not knowing you had to then go to options. I then applied for my companion and it said my account was already linked so I backed out. I didn't read what to to if I wanted to link it again. Could anybody help?

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