Checking how the Oculus Rift stacks up vs HTC Vive and PlayStation VR! Subscribe! At GDC 2016 I got to review the Sony …


  1. I think the Vive is the best because you have the option to move around or to sit down and not move around in setup (Something Austin did not mention. He said you had to have space. But you can actually set the headset up for sitting down in setup.) It also outperforms the others in popularity and the compatible games. The controllers and the sensors are better than the competition as well.

  2. PlayStation's VR because in the soon future the products graphic Quality will ultimately grow stronger and match or even far pass the competitors products not to mention the headset is already as you said polished out to fine detail. So they have the upper advantage in best product for sale I believe!!

  3. Decicions …decisions. Its about time to upgrade my PC and have no console so I am torn between what to do. This helped but I noticed it was made a year ago and in the world of technology things change so fast. Thanks for the input.

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