Metal Jesus and Kinsey take beginning XBOX collectors through the console hardware variants, controllers and recommend some kick-ass games to get your …


  1. This reminded me that somehow I had 3 xbox's die on me, and 5 xbox 360's die. I have never had a none microsoft console die. Albeit I played them ALOT but there was no reason for so many failures. I have no ideas why I'm still such a xbox fanboy…

  2. I just bought a Xbox original three weeks ago at flea market for 30 bucks! the seller told me that it was working fine so I decided for 30 buck why not take a chance, I got home plugged it in and everything was working BUT I noticed when I hit the eject button it didn't eject opening the Xbox and doing some research I found out that the one I had was a first model and like you just said they can fail or get stuck I soon found out that mines failed, so I replace the Thomson with a Philips which is form what I was told is the best you can get and it works just fine now I'm Super excited to get some games and see what made this console so amazing for all the people that had it in its Prime!!

  3. No one seems to ever mention Half Life 2.

    Half Life 2 set the standard and raised the bar for fps games in 2004. Random world physics, awesome gfx engine, an amazing world and great puzzles. It should definitely be in the xbox top 10 games list. Maybe even top 5. It is just as significant to the genre as Halo – Combat Evolved.

  4. I remember buying the original xbox in 2004 at a pc expo , and i had never heard of it prior . And the graphics were really good then , still remember my dad thought i was watch a football match live when i was playing Euro2004 . I only had a couple of games as they were quite expensive . And watching this video makes me want to start collecting for it . =)

  5. Nice, I actually own all the games you mentioned in the video aside from that Stubbs game. I would also recommend my personal two favorite games for the original Xbox- Jade Empire and Ninja Gaiden: Black. Both are absolutely fantastic, must-play games for the Xbox.

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