Join me as I list and discuss various original Xbox exclusives as well as a few hidden gems you might not have known about. There will be several parts to this …


  1. Happy to see Otogi make the list. I remember playing it over summer vacation at a relative's place way back when and that game was a trip. Absolutely everything in it was thematic and dripping with otherworldly, dreamlike atmosphere from the menus to the music and sound design. Plus it has the option for Japanese VOs.

  2. Half Life 2 & Doom3 I lost many an an hour playing games that my own PC din't have the power these excellent PC games it blew me away that my Xbox was powerful enough to play these 2

    I have Not played but watchin on here but D4 doesn't look as D3

  3. Cool video. It's unbelievable just how much MS invested back then in exclusives. There's still Halo, Jade Empire , Sudeki, KOTOR, Shenmue, Chronicles od Riddick Escape from Pitcher bay, Doom 3, Half life 2 and so many more. By the way you get a like for taking me to those good ol days.

  4. I have plenty of Xbox exclusives (which they're the real reason why I got the original Xbox in Christmas 2004 in the first place). Games I have are "Amped" 1 & 2, "Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller", "Gunvalkyre", "Sega GT 2002/Jet Set Radio: Future", "Blinx: The Time Sweeper", "Ninja Gaiden 2004" (as well as the updated version "Ninja Gaiden Black"), "Blood Wake", "WWE RAW 2", "NFL Fever" series, "Deathrow" and others. I have yet to get "Xyandie".

  5. Got just Amped out of this lot, but plan to get Blinx and maybe some more. Was a PS2 player back in this generation and just recently got an original Xbox. Midtown Madness 3 may be my favourite original Xbox game for now.

  6. Great list dude! Man Amped takes me back, used to love that game so much!

    You ever play a game called Phantom Crash? One of my favourites for the system. It's an awesome arcade style mech arena shooter, with a crazy anime cel shaded dialogue story lol. Loads of fun elements made me think it was a Sega title but it's actually made by Genki. Without looking at my shelf for exclusives…I know you covered it before, and I prefer 2006 Coast to Coast, but Outrun 2 SP was a console exclusive I think :)…and also obviously Splinter Cell, Halo etc haha, you did well to not mention them already…that Sega loved 😉

  7. Sweet Video buddy, you had me laughing quite a few times throughout 😆. Looking forward to part 2. Ya know some modders even created a nude patch for the DOA:EV – lol a 14yr old kids wet dream.

    If I had to choose 1 of each that you didn't touch on they'd be: Deux Ex: Invisible war as the Console Exclusive & Rent-A-Hero No 1 as the Hidden Gem, this one is totally hidden too. It was a port of a DC Japan exclusive fully translated in English but never released… but this one is obsure & pretty cool.

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