This is probably the most important PS4 accessory I’ve been searching for. It’s the Ortz Vertical Stand with Charging and USB. ▻Buy the Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand …


  1. I put an extra fan mod for the heatsink and a window with a dust filter, I used nh t1 thermal paste aswell. This helps a lot, now it my ps4 is some what silent.

  2. Any cooling fan that blows air into/onto your pc/console vents, blows MORE air and dust into your system. Yes it CAN keep it cool for the time being but in the long run you are going to have major dust build up.
    IF you are going to have a system set up like this, I would advise doing a bi-monthly cleaning by removing the outer shell of your PS4. It's super easy and takes zero skill. 4 screws(T8 or T9 screwdriver) hold the bottom shell and it comes off very easy, once it is off the fan is right there which would allow you to clean out the dust (and the dust build up stuck in the outer shell casing too) with either canned air or vacuum (make sure you cover half the vacuum hose with cardboard or a thick sheet of paper) and that should help.

    OR you can get an exhaust type cooler that sucks the air and the heat while having a semi air tight clasp and it's own power supply(not USB power)

  3. … um … there's vents on the sides, where the PS4 is sitting … and whatever fan is just blowing the heat back IN the system as it's trying to push it out. How does that cool it off?

  4. Many people think that this will help cooling but for me, I was curious about that Cooling Mod, I know the inside is fan but I was scared because it can collect dust when you play for long hours then the next day, it will release dust not cooling…….maybe IDK, no bashing please

  5. I love everything about it except the vertical orientation…makes me nervous. Plus my ps4 and other systems fit best horizontally under the TV in the shelves…

  6. where is the air coming from that the fans send into the ps4? I don't see any vents on the stand, leads me to believe that it is just recycling hot and dusty air from under the stand. Seems like a horrible idea. I've read that external cooling fans are actually horrible for your system. They need to be moving fresh cooler air through the system and on top of that blowing air into the system instead of pulling air from it is very bad. Am interested in one of these but I need better reasoning as to why instead of blindly doing it.

  7. why are there so many brands that look the same? I've seen kootek, smaac and this one on this video. like wtf? which is official and works best. someone one on the kootek review mentioned an issue with that button which looks like the one for the Ortz. I like the charging dock and USB ports but the fan is a huge plus but I'm debating which to get?

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