In this Persona 2 Eternal Punishment review, SuperDerek explores this classic RPG followup to Innocent Sin! Persona 2 Eternal Punishment isn’t just a clever …


  1. One last thing the main guy in persona 2 sin I call the main guy Alex yes my name but in the ps1 version of persona 2 eternal punishment keep the you name like my main guy name or not tha last thing

  2. This isn't mentioned anywhere in the comments, but, in the Playstation release, during certain parts in the story, the controller vibrates like a beating heart if you have the vibration on. It's a neat thing, yet, creepy in a sense.

  3. I completed this back in the day during Xenogears, Final Fantasy 9, Wild Arms times. Persona 2 had such a big impression on me. I loved it. You are right about the hours, put in 100+ myself. What a game.

  4. I just finished my first Persona game which is the PSP Persona 1 remake/port and it got me hooked in the series immediately. Even though I had a 50hrs of gameplay and got the bad ending. LMAO. I will definitely play it again soon, then move to P2 and but the time comes I hope the fan translation is made if not then i just go with PSone version.

  5. I really wanted to like this on PS1, but the high battle rate and mechanics put me off. Talking to monsters just feels so broken and I eventually put it down. It's a pity because the rest of it looks great.

  6. Playing all the games in ordering beat 1 though that game felt like a bit of a chore I loved it. Beat 2 today and was deciding if I should go to this game or 3, so I watched this video to decide. I'll wait for the fan translation or remake. It looks great though.

  7. Having played through all the Persona games, and being very in love with both halves of P2, i've gotta say your review did a fair amount of justice. Thank you

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