This is my playthrough of Persona 3 FES on the Playstation 2, emulated on the PS3, with live commentary. Here is our Associates link for when you shop on …


  1. The persona 3 opening scene gets me every time xD Mc be like dgaf walking through the valley of the dead filled with coffins chilling n listening to music on meh headphones, like no worries lol.

  2. Oh boy, phil is going to touch a persona game again, this is going to be a lot of fun.

    Though i really want him to tackle SMT nocturne just to see how long till he ragequits at that game.

  3. Oh Jesus fuck. This piece of shit did it. He actually did it. He touched the greatest JRPG ever. I have to watch because god dammit I need to see how fucking horribly he butchers this masterpiece.

  4. finally face it moron, you just suck at gaming. please quit you are not worth it to have a youtube account. I can't believe you were even able to make one yourself…

  5. No, no, no, no, NO!!! I can deal with a P4 playthrough from you, but NO P3! N. O. NO!!!

    Well… There's no stopping it. "This is how you DON'T play Persona 3" incoming.

  6. Its really disappointing you played on easy honestly. There is ZERO challenge. You used the excuse of beginner in 4 because you never played a persona game before and you found that easy. And now its your fans telling you to play on easy? I find that hard to believe. There is almost no difference outside the crutch of the continues.

  7. He's not going to finish this. I can nearly guarantee it.
    Why he would think playing a long, story-heavy JRPG as a downtime-game would be a good idea, I don't know. Sounds like a good way to lose interest to me.
    If anything, Pokken should be the downtime game, but.. It's not my channel.

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