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  1. To say that Sony "would cease to exist" if the PS4 failed shows complete ignorance regarding this specific market and sheer idiocy connected to an inability to think as well.
    Sony is a mega conglomerate company with a hugely diversified business that involves electronic devices, network services, motion pictures, music, and even financial services. Sony is among the Worldwide Top 20 sales leaders and one of the most successful entertainment companies globally.

    The PS franchise is but a tiny fraction of the company's business and income.

    …but what is there to expect from a humongous retarded disgusting fatso with diabetes who sits on his ass playing and talking "gaming" 24/7?


  2. I WANT A PS4 SO BAD! I've had a PS3 since 2008 and it's slowly dying on me. Keeps crashing, overheating even after cleaning out dust and just failing. 

  3. Ps4: 10 million in 48 countries
    Xbox one: 5 million in just 13 countries

    Sorry to say this Ponys but if the xbox one was available in the same amount of countries it would of had more sales than ps4

    Thirteen times by 3 is 48
    So 5 million also times by 3 is 15 million

    SOO if they would be in the same amount of countries
    Xbox one: 15 million
    Ps4: 10 million

    Try and damage control that!

  4. when is sony going to bring out the big triple a exclusevs ?  im not relly a huge indie gamer  I went xbox 360 to ps4 and the ps4 don't have that much exclusevs im interested in btw the ps4 is still a good console its just sony needs to bring out the big triple a exclusevs

  5. 10 million + 1 once the Destiny bundle is released. I do not actually care about the game, but I want the white PS4. SONY would sell a lot more units if they did not make you buy bundles to get the color you want, or if they released official skins.

  6. 10 million units sold. An additional 10 million when Uncharted 4 and LBP3 come out. I can't wait to buy it. From a sale standpoint, it's certainly outshining it's competition admittedly. 

  7. by the end of these consoles life cycles both consoles will be about the same sold its happens almost every generation .
    one console gets ahead. but in the next 2-3 years the gap will get smaller and smaller. looks at ps3 and 360 they are only about a million off from one another same will happen with this system. so why fight who has more sold when in the end they both will be almost dead even anyways. once the price drops on both im getting both.   

  8. You statement is wrong, sony has a world of different division, have been around for decades and no, if the ps4 would've been a bad launch, they'd probably have sold it. They have an entire movie/tv entertainment division (besides tv and others) not to mention their non-general-consumer line of products only available to corporations. So yes, get your statement right.

  9. You are extremely wrong. It would barely affect sony if ps4 didn't do good. They might sell the division or something but sony wouldn't be close to down. And playstation isn't the only successful division. Don't just talk nonsense

  10. For everyone talking about how PS4 has "no games"… watch a game review/ preview channel. There are so many freaking games coming out between now and through 2015 its crazy. Then when they come out people will bitch because they don't have enough money to buy them all…

  11. sony deserves to go bankrupt as they don't know how to run a business. the only thing they know how to do is make the playstation do well and thats the only thing holding them up besides there movie studio.

  12. Rich I don't get why people complain the ps3 was too high priced you practically people got a video game playback and every other feature besides Blu ray for free because a Blu ray player alone was 500 at the time with hdmi.

    Ps3 was ahead of its time

    Also you said the cheaper model PlayStation did not have wifi

    but what did the original base Xbox didnt have wifi hard drive. rechargeable battery controllers. No Blu ray no Internet. And NO HDMI

    Ps3 included so much technology that aside a slight graphics pump compares and even has more features on ps4

    Ps3 was worth 600. The ps3 problem was a weak gpu. Low ram. And the multiplatform devs were lazy to learn the processor

    I wish ps4 was 600 and include advanced features and even more graphic than now because these consoles struggle with 1080p

  13. I will end up getting one some day, but there is nothing out worth getting for it yet. They should of made MGSV for X1/PS4 only then i would feel the need to get one

    i realise that consoles sometimes take time to get good games, look at the PS2 launch. but good for sony

  14. I completely agree with ya.The ps4 did basically save Sony.Alot of fans were switching to the 360 at the time and were not to happy with ps3.I didn't know about ps3 only having an Ethernet source originally but at least now I do.Its already been filed though that the next generation of consoles won't last ten years

  15. Some people are so damn ignorant. The ps4 has plenty of great games. Just because you as an individual may not like the games out, that's your problem. 10,000,000 sales says that the console is good, and people like it. Also fuck exclusives, who the fuck cares about exclusives? Sure exclusives are a cool concept but at the end of the day, except for nintendo systems, any console you have, for every exclusive title you own, you'll have 10 multi plats. Exclusives mean almost nothing, and if you have an Xbox then they definitely mean nothing, because shortly after everyone will be playing Xbox "exclusives" on their PC, with much better performance.

    I always buy the latest playstation and nintendo, and I'll play the Xbox "exclusives" on PC when they get a port.

  16. Where's my Onimusha.. where's my Front Mission .. They need to be resurrecting some old games with new ideas.. and integration. The main reason i ever played Sony games .. was for strategy .. rpg.. and games like Metal Gear Solid.. and Sooooooo many others.. like resident evil and bs. After they released games like Unreal Tournament .. and i played it on the pc prior.. i stopped gaming.. and they stopped supporting GOOD games.. original games.. like Xenogears and shit.. idk its been a while.. prolly should revisit it.. but this hardware is bs.. when your building gaming rigs of today.. 

    I WANT THE GAMES! FUK the hardware.. 

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