This week is completely dominated by the arrival of Naughty Dog’s huge blockbuster sequel Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and Bethesda’s crunching shooter …


  1. Never buy any game from PS store as they are always massively overpriced.You can get the proper physical copies of games that have been out for a few months second hand and sometimes new games for a couple of pounds when PS network still sell them for £30 to £65 If people keep buying these overpriced games from|PS network they will never change. Im pretty pissed that this site seems to encourage buying from PSN when they know ur getting ripped off.

  2. haha the english auto subs says "hello my name is Nathan died and these are the playstation store highlights" are the subs trolling Uncharted 4 fans? ;)

  3. I've got Uncharted 4 and will possibly pick up Doom this month depending on my financial situation. As I have brought Ratchet N Clank as well. ☺️

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