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  1. you don't have to do it this way with head tracking fyi :). my brother found a program that does head tracking for you, you do not need the playstation cam at all. or the controller. all you do is just hook up the ps vr to the computer just how you do it to the playstation 4. and run the program and boom you are done its just that easy. and most of all have fun 🙂

  2. "after ten hours of work" … no thanks… I'll stick with my HTC Vive… which I simply worked at my job for and y'know.. saved up money for. Didn't have to tinker with underground hacker apps, officially supported, and has room scale (which is one of the best features of the VIVE) but Bravo to you. Good job.

  3. Amazing solution!!!

    Can I please ask, do you think this method would be possible for a flight sim that relies on the use of a joystick?

  4. Fantastic Idea, thank you!!!! I am also thinking into playing in Cinematic Mode and the Motion tracking. This must be nice for all FPS games, without the problem of low rez and nausea. For the problem with not able to use a controller for the game then, we should think about to split a controller open, then make some extension for the Gyro unit, fix it to head, than use the normal controls of the controller for moving in the game, New idea for tinkerers 🙂

  5. Dude, thank you. I really really didn't want to go out and spend another $30+ on a makeshift tracking method or a gyro mouse. Also, do you know if there's a way to make it so the mouse is permanently clicked or right clicked? This would allow looking around in games that require a click+drag to look around

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